Johnny Cash, the man in black

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Sunday, 01 August 2010 01:37

The singer of country music and rockabilly Johnny Cash, known as "The Man in Black", was an artist who transcended his genre with a discography as extensive and varied.

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Cash Johnny began his career in the 50s, the same label that released all the great rock artists of the time: Sun Records. There he shared tours with Elvis Presley , Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins and others. Even the four agreed on a recording session in which subjects sang mostly gospel, which is now under the name "Million Dollar Quartet."
Johnny Cash's career was marked by great commercial successes and scandals. He was addicted to barbiturates and recovered, helped by his second wife, June Carter. Cash lived with her great love story that was portrayed in the movie "Walk the Line."
During the 80's Johnny Cash's career suffered a decline. Although he never stopped playing her record label did not have it in mind. In the 90s the great influence that Cash had been in other musicians and artists began to pay off. In 1993 he recorded the song "The Wanderer" for the album Zooropa by U2 . Then the producer Rick Rubin summoned him for the label American Recordings, which specializes in Rap and Hard Rock.
He was on Johnny Cash American Recordings, where he lived a successful renewal. He recorded a series of covers of bands like Depeche Mode, Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails who introduced his music to a whole generation. Of these recordings, here is a video of "God's Gonna Cut You Down", where an unusual number of artists participated in tribute.