New from Mumford & Sons will be called Babel

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Monday, 16 July 2012 23:01

In an interview a few weeks ago, Benn Lovett of Mumford and Sons commented that the process of creating and recording the new album by the band still was not finished. However, the date for the successor of Sigh No More was already set: Sept. 24. Finally it will be that day and we can also confirm to be called Babel, whose cover you can see below.

Mumford and Sons - Babel

On the other hand, the official website of the training has been updated and we can see the final tracklist of the new board, which collect at end of article. Contain twelve new tracks, for those who have benefited from Markus Dravs as Robin Baynton as producer and sound engineer.

About Babel, the group has made ​​several statements to NME , among which we must mention the band and the feeling of collective functioning as major news for this album:

We started writing new songs long before hitting the studio to record. First, we had a hard time writing while on tour. We loved playing live, obviously, but also became an important part of our creative process, just writing and rehearsing in sound checks before concerts. But we also love to write. As a group, we have never been so united or so worked in a joint. We feel this new album is a natural progression that we are proud.

As you know, the group will participate with a song on the soundtrack of Brave , the more imminent Pixar title, to be called "Learn Me Right". However, not included in the new album. You can consult the list of items below (and if you look on YouTube sure that you find more than one performed live).

  1. "Babel"
  2. "Whispers In The Dark"
  3. "I Will Wait"
  4. "Holland Road"
  5. "Ghosts That We Knew"
  6. "Lover Of The Light"
  7. "Lovers' Eyes"
  8. "Reminder"
  9. "Hopeless Wanderer"
  10. "Broken Crown"
  11. "Below My Feet"
  12. "Not With Haste"

On the other hand, can take a look at all the concerts that the London group has in store for the coming months in its web . United States, Australia and New Zealand destinations are now confirmed.