Arctic Monkeys make a heavier album

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Tuesday, 03 July 2012 03:02

Arctic Monkeys changed much in the past and with the release of his records was a remarkable musical evolution. If you listen to the last album and then listen to the first (or vice versa, of course) you will notice that went from simple angry teenagers playing music with the world quickly to have a heavier sound and mature. I particularly liked much at first, but that's only a matter of taste.

This time the group came to talk about what will succeed Suck It And See and revealed that it will be a heavy album , so we can expect an even heavier sound.

After completing a tour around the world where they toured many countries filling the stadiums where they played all said they are already thinking about his new album and that the issues will be blood and power that its latest single, "UR Mine? ". These were the words of frontman, Alex Turner:

I think the direction will be the heavier issues. We "RU Mine?" And I think that is where we go with our next album.

He explained that the strongest moments of Suck It And See were the most heavies and having fun and feel more with songs like "Do not Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair" or "Brick by Brick". He explained that the other side of their subjects, the most peaceful, well and to be on his album, but prefer the heavier.

Another thing you want is to record in their home, as you probably want all the great who recorded on the most important places in the world. For a group to be in your hometown to be in your surroundings, feel the tranquility of the place where they grew and grew and, lest we forget, the Arctic Monkeys are just post-adolescent who probably miss a lot the city of their birth both as individuals as well as a band.