Animal Collective and their new strange disc

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012 03:02

Most Animal Collective albums are spectacular, but at the same time, are difficult to digest. Have sounds they encounter as they listen and there are many things that someone who does not pay extreme attention could lose.

This time the group came to talk about his new production, which as many will know be known as Centipede Hz and said they will be "more difficult to digest for people." The production comes on 3 September and will be the successor to the incredibly successful Merriweather Post Pavillion, released in 2009 and was truly his best work since the birth of the band.

To make matters worse, come to settle in the tenth studio album from Animal Collective. This is what Josh said Dibb , who is also known as Deakin:

I remember saying 'This will be harder to digest for people'. No doubt about it: people react to this ... I think he intentionally did an album that is far more ... um ... (laughs) rarer.

He said that from the first moment you hear Merriweather Post Pavillion it makes you feel like dancing while this feelings are found and many will be confused by the music and what happens in the album. Did they want to experiment? It seems that this new album comes with much of that ingredient.

You have to wait a little longer to listen to this production that certainly will not go unnoticed.