Gargabe and the music industry: "They are dinosaurs"

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Entertainment - Music
Wednesday, 13 June 2012 03:02

Garbage's return was, without doubt, one of the most anticipated of the music world this year. Shirley Manson and company finally released their new album, which was titled Not Your Kind of People and now in an interview he talked in relation to the music industry, which cataloged dinosaur .

He explained that fell apart and could not make young people interested in music continue consuming as in the past. These were some of his words:

It is a shell of its former self. The industry does not understand the fact that many young people no longer listen to the radio or buy records. The industry was slow to adapt and became a dinosaur.

And when they become dinosaurs, said he was beginning to despair, get greedy and begin to take steps that are not entirely honest. There are always things that are worth a great collapse and what drew Manson as positive this great downfall is that the music got rid of people who were not interested in it but what it generated: money. Those remaining are passionate and they love the bands and what they produce.

Undoubtedly he is right. Today, who writes without going any further, many stopped buying music in physical formats. A few still interested to continue saving the booklets of songs or pictures that came with the CDs, but at the same time, access I have is much faster and unreachable. I can hear what I want when I want. We have the world of music available to a few clicks and the business model they knew only see a few with iTunes and Spotify to the head.

Meanwhile, record companies still thinking what to do to be saved.