Redd Kross will return with new album 15 years later

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Monday, 07 May 2012 21:24

The official website of U.S. power pop group Redd Kross was updated today to report a story that will appeal to his followers, there will be new record on 15 August. Researching the Blues will be called, will contain 10 new songs and the cover is illustrating that you can see these lines.

The new work marks the first album by Jeff McDonald and Co. from Show World, dating back to February 1997. It has taken fifteen years for the creators of songs like "Annie's Gone" or "Yesterday Once More" to get back to a studio.

The album was produced and mixed by Steve McDonald, Redd Kross founder with his brother Jeff, and also also a member of OFF! and partner with groups like The White Stripes and Tenacious D.

For this new stage, the group signed to the label Merge Records, whose website includes certain statements by members of the band, in which we see his excitement of returning to the stage.

Below you can find a list of topics Researching The Blues:

  1. "Researching the Blues"
  2. "Stay Away From Downtown"
  3. "UglierR"
  4. "Dracula's Daughters"
  5. "Meet Frankenstein"
  6. "One of the Good Ones"
  7. "The Nu Temptations"
  8. "Choose to Play"
  9. "Winter Blues"
  10. "Hazel Eyes"

Similarly, you can review the group's discography on Spotify and Grooveshark .