The Morning Benders cambia su nombre a POP ETC

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Entertainment - Music
Tuesday, 27 March 2012 03:02

Those who have seen the message you guys published in The Morning Benders Facebook it is more likely to have worried a lot. I say this because they said they would be the last post of the Morning Benders. But do not worry about others, because all they will do is change the name to POP ETC . Yes, strange, weird, in fact-but at least did not get the bad news of their separation.

In fact the site of POP ETC is now available where you can see several photos of all the members and, in addition, they also shared a mixtape where you can hear some songs under the new name. Nothing much has changed, really.

Anyway, Chris Chu published a long letter explaining the reasons why they decided to move to call POP ETC. To summarize, the reason is that, in the UK Benders means Homosexual and they were the last years touring around the world with that name in many European countries, means. When they came to England all asked why they chose that name. They did not understand anything, until they learned.

So for that reason, from now on, will become POP ETC.