The Titanic Orchestra Sabina and Serrat

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Tuesday, 07 February 2012 00:07

In a press conference at the Casa de America Madrid, Joaquin Sabina and Joan Manuel Serrat Joan Manuel Serrat and Joaquín Sabina presented "The Titanic Orchestra", the second album together. Following the success of " Two birds with one stone ", the Catalan and Madrid met again to roam around Spain and Latin America. The first single from the material, " Today for you, tomorrow for me , "has had great success. Surely the same will happen with the disc.


We were eager to relive the happiness partying that tour, we left a great impression. We did not cut demand more and we came to make an album with new songs for people to see that this is not just to celebrate that we are alive


So Joaquin Sabina said in one interview they gave to the press both musicians.

This work comes from the will of two people who get along well and know their commonalities and things that can lead to divergences. There are unspoken rules between two people who love, respect, admire it and want to do something together. None will ask the other to act, write or think about something that does not know that you will accommodate

Said about the Catalan who shared the announcement of the new tour called "Strike Two Birds." The tour will be starting on 5 March in the city in Argentina, Salta, and then pass through 22 cities in Spain.



Extract the most important ...


1. The Titanic Orchestra
2. After despueses
3. Idiots, beatings and calientabraguetas
4. Christmas Song
5. Fifteen or twenty cups
6. Remember me
7. Today for you, tomorrow for me
8. Dolent ore (bad by nature)
9. Martinez
10. By Me
11. Damn blues