Welcome to New York: Abel Ferrara he explores sex scandal of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

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Friday, 17 May 2013 21:02

There are many ways to make a movie trailer prove stimulating, but almost always seems to be more effective when it comes to action titles as Skyfall , ciendcia-fiction, like Prometheus , or terror, as Evil Dead . Regardless of Lars Von Trier, who always knows how to stimulate whatever the type of film you have to submit, Wild Bunch is served from a presentation in two parts, first in suggesting, then that shows everything than we had anticipated at the pace of a fabulous theme Goldfrapp, Strict machine.

Trailer of Welcome to New York

Abel Ferrara directs Gerard Depardieu (now Russian instead of French) and Jacqueline Bisset in a film that focuses on the sex scandal that would lead to the resignation of managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, to stay equally without option to stand as president of France, as he intended. If we consider that we are talking about a film directed by the head of Bad lieutenant, the truth is that we should not necessarily expect a condemnation of the character, as did the press at the time, another thing is it is full of contradictions . The truth is that I can not prevent the disease from taking over a server to the latest drawings of the trailer, which ends precisely where all the scandal began.

Welcome to New York - Trailer for TheDailyMovies

Admission Welcome to New York: Abel Ferrara explores the sexual scandal of Dominique Strauss-Kahn appears first in Extracine .


Captain Phillips: Paul Greengrass converted back to Tom Hanks in ordinary hero

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Friday, 17 May 2013 19:23

With a cast headed by Tom Hanks, the British-born filmmaker Paul Greengrass gives us the trailer for Captain Phillips, a story based on the true story of Captain Richard Phillips who was taken hostage by Somali pirates who hijacked the Maersk Alabama freighter in 2009. Chis Mulkey, Yul Vazquez, Max Martini and Catherine Keener always fascinating round out the cast of a movie that will hit U.S. note them in October this year.

Tom Hanks in the trailer of Captain Phillips

Not the time priera anguish and reality blend in a film directed by Paul Greengrass. Between the two installments of the Bourne saga directed, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum and United 93 offered us the dramatic and shocking tale of one of the planes that were hijacked by jihadists on September 9, 2001, with the purpose of crashing against military objectives. A kidnapping that ended in tragedy, but for the courageous action of the flight passengers themselves, aware of the seriousness of the kidnapping and that his fate would be the same in either case, managed to crash the plane into the ground causing minimum damage against the population. Interestingly, also one of the last titles of Tom Hanks was linked to the attacks of 11-S, since in Extremely load and incredibly close portrayed a father who was in one of the towers of the World Trade Center when there was attack aircraft in the building.

In this new story anguish extends over three days that the freighter captain offered himself as a hostage in exchange for safeguarding the integrity of the rest of his crew. A story that, thankfully, did not end like the plane hijacking, thanks to the performance of the Navy SEALs and seems tailor-made American actor who lately has some trouble lifting head after dismal failures as Larry Crowne and others relative and Cloud Atlas . In the trailer you can see that the tone of the film is closer to show the drama of the characters, which offer a heroic story, as it probably would have happened if the same material had fallen to more sensational.

Admission Captain Phillips: Paul Greengrass converted back to Tom Hanks walk hero first appears in Extracine .


Drama series premieres on FOX for 2013 and 2014

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Friday, 17 May 2013 12:16

FOX wanted anticipate its programming for 2013/12, announced cancellations and completions both series, and the premiere of new stories. Among the most anticipated releases are just three series Human drama, Sleepy Hollow and Rake.

The three series come with a great responsibility, to recover 20% hearing loss from last season FOX. The production company has spared no expense when familiar names, talented and prestigious for players in these new arguments.

See, then, a brief summary of the three drama series that premiered in the coming seasons:

Almost Human: directed by none other than JJ Abrams. The series is set in the future where humanoids police must work to end crime and violence.

Sleepy Hollow: FOX version to this story from Washington Irving, tells the story of Ichabod Crane, who wakes up 250 years after he died and find a world of chaos and destruction.

Rake: starring and produced by Greg Kinnear (Little Miss Sunshine), acting in the role of a defense attorney, prone to self-destruction. His life chaotic and replete with bright additions bring the lawyer to lose cases and getting into difficult situations.


Cannes 2013: Sofia Coppola wins the público, Ozon to criticism

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Friday, 17 May 2013 02:45

On this second day Festival Cannnes, boiled, the focus has been a slight move, as it has been the official section which has aroused the attention, but the parallel section and normally reserved films increased risk , Un Certain Regard. And the edition of this year such section opened with The Bling Ring , Sofia Coppola. And all this new film director, like it or not, always arouses expectation. In fact, despite the rain, the tail of the salle Debussy, where she appeared, turned at the corner of the street, and many viewers have not had access to the premiere.

Sofia Coppola in Cannes

On The Bling Ring, Sofia Coppola seems to show the back of his films, without decentralize its focus: if during his career has analyzed the fame and luxury, but from its epicenter, from his experience, this time we move to opposite side, the aspiration of luxury. And, based on a real story, emerging from Variety magazine, Coppola has filmed a number of young people who are out to steal in houses of their favorite celebrities in Los Angeles, keeping the stolen objects as fetishes. Although the director has driven a transformation between reality and the final film:

I changed the names of the characters so that young people do not become more known. Met two or three, it was fascinating to listen to tell your story with all the details. One girl wanted at all costs to see Paris Hilton's dog. That is not invented!

The Bling Ring is a film set in the most populous city in California but it speaks, in fact, throughout the U.S., for that aspiration to the virtuality of fame, sickly almost to a point. It aims to analyze the relationship of dependency is created between fan and celebrity, and sometimes becomes a subtext of U.S. ideology, based on success:

Los Angeles plays an essential role in American culture. This is shown this movie: a world of celebrities, reality TV. This story could not have happened elsewhere. These children lived very close to these stars.

And Emma Watson stars in this film, leaving the world of Harry Potter to dive, well, at the ends of the Mythomania. And indeed, seems to have gotten separated from its magical character to acquire another frivolous tone and more disillusioned, we will see if he can channel his career better than his castmates youth of JK Rowling's saga:

It is strange to me. I have the impression that Harry Potter is in the past. Is still present, still in people's heads. Do not attempt to deny the work I've done for the past three or four years, my life has been amazing. I delight starring different characters, I have a lot of luck.

Jeune et Jolie, François Ozon

But while Sofia Coppola takes the spotlight, is the French director François Ozon who has garnered more positive reviews of the festival. His erotic drama, about a 17 year old student by day and night luxury prostitute seems channeled into the path of Belle de Jour, Luis Buñuel, in dissecting a double life that is, at once, the only possibility of merging two aspects of the self. This sustained in a hypnotic visual style that characterizes him when in a state of grace. A state that seems to accompany lately, after signing the masterpiece that is Dans la maison (In the house). And thus aims idealize adolescence, approaching it with more sleaze rather than a fascination with the freedom that can be experienced:

Often adolescence is idealized in world cinema, is the exaggerated praises. I keep a memory rather painful and difficult of my own adolescence. I wanted to approach it from a distance to talk about it differently.

And this girl is dipped gradually into a world where it is psychologically tortured, but that fits through a conversion into a being cold, a cold eroticism. Ozon has spoken of these turning points in life:

What I think is essential to address the difficulties of life, such as discovering a problem like this, is to accept that there has been a break. We must say to yourself: "I will not judge what happened but I have to accept that something is broken."

And his muse has been Marine Vacth, professional model who has decided to jump into the cinema screens to get Ozon:
When I saw a Marine, then I felt different from the others, which addressed the role from a very realistic prism. I had the feeling of being in a documentary. With Marine, something entirely different happened. When looking at his eyes, there was an inner world, a mystery and that was exactly what I was looking for the film.


And from Mexico comes Hedi, Amat Escalante, a story about the violence in Mexico, which portrays the manager from a progressive descent into hell. A fall that aims to show the dialectic between the individual and a society that fails to adapt:

I wanted to analyze violence to its context, and not just show ... emphasize that there are people who cause them and others who witness. I wanted to show this violence as it is and to film an unprecedented to attract public attention.

Critics have found a clear influence of the style of Carlos Reygadas, with its visceral images, and is a fixture in Cannes too. But it is difficult to point this out when Reygadas himself seems to show a different style in each film. Escalante has resorted to a stark portrait of the violence and some neorealism to analyze, through the story of a family, its inevitable connection to violence.

Admission Cannes 2013: Sofia Coppola wins the audience, Ozon criticism appears first in Extracine .

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