What was the team of "Conan the Barbarian"?

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Monday, 15 August 2011 17:03

If the other day wondering what would have been the original team of " Fright Night ", this week we do the same with another remake of" Conan the Barbarian . " Although in this case rather be talking about a reboot because, just as stated by himself Jason Momoa , star of the film directed by Marcus Nispel, instead of inspired by that movie John Milius directed in 1982, have turned to the original source, the series of stories by Robert E. Howard created in 1932 and became the most famous anti-hero of a subgenre of science fiction that explores the possibilities of sword and sorcery fantasy. In fact, the script that Oliver Stone and John Milius developed on the legendary character really should not be based in the publications of Howard, but in some comic created by some of his successors as Lin Carter and LS de Camp.

Produced by Dino de Laurentiis , few know even today that the shooting was scheduled to be held in Yugoslavia, eventually most of the film was shot in Spain. Winter sequences in Segovia, also in the Sierra de Madrid and the charming town of Cuenca, where most of the passages filmed in Almería desert. This allowed, especially in the technical team of the film, involving a number of Spanish professionals, which then would get involved in other major projects to build their careers.

Benjamin is the case of Fernandez, who after being trained in the art department of international productions such as "King of Kings," "Doctor Zhivago," "Travels with My Aunt," "The Golden Voyage of Sinbad" or " Alien "participate then others like " Dune "or" Rambo III ", to establish itself as one of the best known production designers Goya Spanish with two awards for his work in" The Others "and" Alatriste ". But let's take a step to which they were principal players in "Conan the Barbarian," what became of them?

John Milius

milius 336x400 ¿Qué fue del equipo de Conan the Barbarian?

Fan of filmmakers like John Ford and Akira Kurosawa and while Sam Peckinpah , Sergio Leone , David Lean and John Huston as influences confessed, John Milius was one of the filmmakers included in the group called the New Hollywood filmmakers, which emerged strongly in the early seventies. Stressing that as soon as a writer director, participate in the shadows in some of the first productions of colleagues like Francis Ford Coppola , George Lucas or Steven Spielberg . Among his accomplishments would be his contribution to the creation of the mythical character played by Clint Eastwood , Harry Callahan, that if the first of the films in the series, " Dirty Harry "does not appear to be credited, if it would be in the second," Magnum Force ", and wrote the screenplays for such films as" Jeremiah Johnson "or" The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean "before writing and directing what would be his directorial debut," Dillinger. "

If "The Winter and the Lion" would be a movie very well received by critics, John Milius would feel more identified with "The Big Wednesday", a film that would use their own experiences of youth and it would be praised by his peers generation, perhaps not equally by the public. But a year later before embarking on "Conan the Barbarian", participate in one of the most interesting projects of the decade as one of the writers who would participate in the adaptation of Heart of Darkness (The Heart of Darkness) Joseph Conrad's novel that would serve as inspiration for " Apocalypse Now . "

Though "Conan the Barbarian" would be a resounding success at all levels and although premiered two years later, "Red Dawn", which would bring in its distribution to some of the most popular actors and actresses of the decade of the eighties, film work progressively espaciaría as "Farewell th the King" and "Flight of the Intruder" to roll over on television, where among other works, would be the creator and producer of the series "Rome."

As a curiosity, mention that if one side Milius is an avid collector of weapons, is in fact one of the members of that unpleasant association to release Charlton Heston in defense of the rifle, the other also serve as inspiration for Walter Sobchak, one of the characters from the popular movie Ethan and Joel Coen , " The Big Lebowski . " He is currently writing the screenplay for " Journey of Death , "a modern Western also plans to direct bearing starring Paul Levesque and Clive Owen .

Conan 800x509 ¿Qué fue del equipo de Conan the Barbarian?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dubbed the "Austrian Oak" or "Styrian Oak" in his days as a bodybuilder, Arnold Swarzenegger grow in a strict Catholic family that would force him to attend Mass every Sunday. Perhaps that would overturn all the adrenaline in his teens practicing all kinds of sports such as football, boxing or athletics, road that would end in weightlifting, and which became one of the most recognized international culture. An admirer of the likes of Steve Reeves, Reg Park and Johnny Weissmuller, the future actor in 1968 would be moved to the United States, when was twenty-one year old, to become the best bodybuilder in the world, it would be Mr. Olympia seven times.

After leaving the professional competition and participate in small roles in films like "The Long Goodbye" or "Cactus Jack", his career as an actor to star in final despuntaría "Conan the Barbarian." Certainly if one hand the sword he carried weighed 20 kilos to be marked in a natural way his biceps, the actor had to reduce the volume of your muscles to handle the sword with ease. Although the list of films that starred then not too long, certainly participate in some of the most popular films of the eighties and nineties, having the ability to move from action movies to comedy, or make films in which satirizes his action hero status, which other actors in the style have tried, without success.

Interestingly, seem to have much in common between him and his character in the film by John Milius, they both spent their childhood in remote villages, to sculpt their bodies in his teens, the other a slave as a bodybuilder, another way to be a slave . If both the fictional and the real would a stage of youth lost in hedonism, both time abandon this way of life, to set out on the path of struggle and work until Conan became king and Arnold Governor of California.

After his cameo in " The Expendables "leave politics and divorce his wife because of a scandal involving an illegitimate son, Arnold Schwarzenegger prepares his return to the arena film, for if you've been juggling multiple projects, seems to confirm their participation in " The Expendable 2 "and" Last Stand . "

Sandahl Bergman

sexy sandahl bergman conan 320x176 ¿Qué fue del equipo de Conan the Barbarian?

After his long involvement as a showgirl in a television show, "The Dean Martin Show", during the seventies, the dance would also mark the first contact Sandhal Bergman with film, capturing the attention of the public Airotica the famous musical number, included in the movie " All That Jazz , "film directed pro Bob Fosse , with whom, indeed, to have started in the Broadway musical will participate in Dancing.

If you then take part in another movie musical "Xanadu," before becoming Valeria for "Conan the Barbarian," in which she and Arnold Schwarzenegger would perform the action sequences, starring another project would be located in the medieval fantasy world, as "She" to highlight later in another project based on a story by Robert E. Howard, "Red Sonja", which would be reunited with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but do not reap the same success as its previous encounter. Your participation in "Airplane II: The Sequel" would be the only interesting contribution to a film career that lasted but in many other titles, no one would be really interesting.

Apart from launching its own line of videos gym, actress and dancer takes refuge in television, participating in sporadic episodes of series like "Hart to Hart," "Moonlighting," "Cheers," "Freddy's Nightmares" or "Murder , She Wrote ", amongst others.

James Earl Jones

DC2EFDF0C437F67CF6E54C2853BD5 400x300 ¿Qué fue del equipo de Conan the Barbarian?

Before playing the haunting and elusive Thulsa Doom, Conan the subject of revenge, James Earl Jones and would have gotten an Oscar nomination for his INTERPRETATION in "End of the Road", apart from having started her film career at the hands of Stanley Kubrick in "Dr. Strangelove or How to Stop Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb. "

If the actor originally from Arkabutla in the state of Mississippi, has participated in many projects both in film and television, it is certainly best known for her powerful voice has led him to be the voice of Darth Vader in all movies saga " Star Wars . " Indeed, earlier this month was made ​​public this year would be one of the winners by the Academy of Arts and Cinenias Hollywood with an Honorary Oscar .

Jorge Sanz

I have no absolutely no doubt that, as in Spain, no one ignores the small fact that relates to Jorge Sanz with "Conan the Barbarian", outside the Spanish borders, few know that the young actor who later became the Oscar-winning star of " Belle Epoque ", have played in the film by John Milius Conan child. That being witness to the annihilation of his people by Thulsa Doom, and among other atrocities, witnessed the beheading of her mother, played by another legendary Spanish actress: Nadiuska.

nadiuskayjorgesanzzk4 800x600 ¿Qué fue del equipo de Conan the Barbarian?

The film certainly marked the beginning of the path of the actor would not exactly be his first film, but the most important-still as a child actor to star in such films as "Valentina" to develop a solid career subsequently linked to the work of filmmakers such as Vicente Aranda , in films like "El Lute II: Tomorrow I'll be free," "If I say fell," "Lovers" or "Libertarian" because of Fernando Trueba with whom he conducted "The Year of the lights," "The apple of his eye "or" The Shanghai Gesture, "plus the aforementioned" Belle Epoque ".

On the contrary, "Conan the Barbarian" would mark the decline of the German-born actress not Russian as popularly believed, with the Russian father and Polish mother. With its stunning beauty, Nadiuska have developed a busy career in Spanish cinema of the seventies, but only after its intervention would participate as a parent of Conan films in some nameless, to fall in ostracism. After serious financial problems, develop serious psychological disorders that lead to being diagnosed with schizophrenia, being admitted to a psychiatric hospital. After recovering and have completed their treatment, is discharged, ending after wandering the streets of Madrid. After receiving help from professional colleagues, such as Concha Velasco , was admitted to the University General Hospital and then move to be patient Menin Benito care center run by the Hospitaller Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, where they currently reside.

Basil Poledouris

vi 43328 4885253 960328 ¿Qué fue del equipo de Conan the Barbarian?

Without doubt one of the most recognizable hallmarks of "Conan the Barbarian" is its soundtrack. American born of Greek descent, Basil Poledouris has been the creator of such popular soundtracks such as "The Blue Lagoon", "Flesh & Blood," " RoboCop , "" The Hunt for Red October "," Serial Mom "" Starship Troopers "and" Cecil B. Demented, "but his most acclaimed composition has remained that the film did John Milius, who work in some of his subsequent films.

Certainly we can find in his score the influence of his favorite composer, Miklós Rózsa, in addition to the cultural heritage of his Greek Orthodox heritage led him to include the familiar choruses of a soundtrack that has been used in many other films and TV shows . After a successful career and earned an Emmy for his work for the television series "Lonesome Dove", the composer died at 61 years old in 2006 because of cancer.

conanelbarbaro8206 722x1000 ¿Qué fue del equipo de Conan the Barbarian?

Photos: Varadero Tadforo

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