Central Hospital, meeting with Adriana Ugarte

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Friday, 25 February 2011 09:00

Hospital Central, cita con Adriana Ugarte

Central Hospital , meeting with Adriana Ugarte. The popular actress, who became known for his impressive role in fiction The Lady, now appears in the medical series Telecinco and soon in the miniseries The time between seams.

In an interview with TV programs, says: "I am delighted and very grateful for the opportunities they are giving me. But expectantly to the future. I think in this profession is important to know to take advantage of good runs. "

"It appears to be a strong woman, but in the depths of his heart, he feels lonely and needed affection. It's like a little girl tucked in a gorgeous body resolved, "said on its evo nu role in the series Central Hospital.

On his relationship with the series, concludes: "I have participated twice. First I did the role of a girl who, coincidentally, was named Adriana and entered with an overdose of ecstasy. Years later, I was another girl who suffered a very rare disease in the bones. Since I only need to be a doctor and now that dream has been fulfilled! ".