Gulliver's Travels in film

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Sunday, 19 December 2010 16:33

One of the most popular books on small and big screen.

Books, comics, cartoons and very different versions of Gulliver's Travels on the big screen movie. The first version in the cinema of the novel by Jonathan Swift , published in the eighteenth century , dates from 1903 written and directed by Second Chomón and the title of Gulliver in the land of the giants. Although a previous French version of 1902 directed by Georges Méliès

The origin

Recall that the novel is written in 1726 and is a ferocious satire of society and the human condition in which the protagonist is a captain who is in paradoxical situations as a giant among dwarfs, a dwarf among giants and a human being embarrassed their condition in a land populated by horses scholars who are more human than the people themselves and not trust them.

The film versions.

Take 20 years to make the next version of the novel, this time in cartoon hand Mourlan directors Albert and Raymond Villette. We were in 1923, Gulliver chez les Lilliputiens title.

We arrived to 1939 when it appears Gulliver's Travels, an American production of the hand of Dave Fleischer. Also a cartoon. In 1960, Jack Sher presented another version, with the same title, from the popular novel, also a cartoon.

In 1977 Hungary was entitled would suggest a Gulliver's travel version starring Richard Harris a great actor of Monte Cristo's Revenge either side of the aftermath of Harry Potter .

The Spanish would do an animated version in 1983 directed by Cruz Delgado and written by Gustavo Alcalde. In 1979 Alfonso Ungria did a version, Gulliver, with actors like starring Fernando Fernan Gomez.

In 1996 he made a television version by the British and U.S. film directed by Diane Eskenazi

The versions for TV films and movies is another long list of titles.

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