Three meters above the sky, Review

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Saturday, 20 November 2010 07:17

Spanish cinema quality. Three meters above the sky's the film adaptation of the first novel by the Italian Federico Moccia , which became best sellers among the young and in its written version, already has a sequel titled as I have wanted you film version was entitled Tre metri sopra il sky.

Directed by Fernando González Molina, counts as a teen idol starring: Mario Casas common in Los hombres de Paco for television and film Brain drain. The remaining cast is made up with solvent María Valverde , Diego Martin , of paper birds , Nerea Camacho , of Camino , and Jordi Bosch Word of Mouth.

The argument is that of a cock-mannered girl, studious and future, makes his entry into the university. By going with her boyfriend at a party, it goes, with his group of friends brutotes, Hache, a boy pimp, biker, tough, with a criminal record. Hache she tries to ignore, although it is accompanied, resulting in just throwing the pool Babi, brutal blows boyfriend's car and smashing her boyfriend. However, Babi just feel attracted to the young misfit, with whom he will meet again in an illegal race bikes that are fond Hache.

Given this line of argument, the viewers can be reflected in the film Twilight . The story of a rebellious boy instead of a vampire. Three meters above the sky is born as a successful film with characters magic formula for success, based on bestselling novel and a very young today.

It is a story of impossible love, in which two opposing worlds are prepared to meet. And in our opinion, a film directed to youth, where they see their idols and each other will reflect the actual situations of the youth of 2010. For seniors, the reflection at 24 frames per second of youth we have at this time. Younger children they have left to come.

As a film, a second year film director who seeks to go far and this paper has partnered with the elements of success mentioned above. Make a proper film, mentionable and remarkable for the above sectors. Not the boom of quality, but if the effort of a work full of excitement you get with quality and Fernando Molina González allows you to take a firm step in its cinematic progression. Maybe in time we speak highly of him, you walk on the right track for it.

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