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No Sweat!, The workspace becomes gym

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Thursday, 16 May 2013 02:02

In these times, most of us spend long hours at the computer, and our workspace functions as carrier. Therefore, the designer Darryl Agawin planning a set of multifunctional furniture that propose a solution to our sedentary lifestyle: the components of No Sweat! work as an office and, if we think necessary, can become a personal gym.

The latest proposal Agawin Darryl, based in Vancouver, is formed of three furniture that together make up a workspace and that can become gym at any time. Thus, the product suits those lifestyles that it is difficult to find time to exercise daily. And exercise is important regardless of sex or age, furniture No Sweat! are good for all.

If you notice, the possible exercises are basic and useful: jump rope, some weight lifting, push-ups, up and down stairs, working the abdomen, legs and waist. The more creative you will find many more possibilities. And not to mention the coaches (who, for obvious reasons, never would a set of furniture like No Sweat!). Moreover, the pieces are small and light, so that fits everywhere.

No Sweat, office

In fact, the designer is based on research, in an exploration of various physical, and only then launched into the preparation of the proposal. This is the body to exercise and stretch, without expensive or sophisticated devices, without having to leave home. The bad thing is that the work threatens to distract us from physical labor.

I find the idea a bit eccentric, but I must admit that space is maximized. The truth is that, after many hours in front of the screen, not a bad idea to move a little, turn the body and relax the mind. Personally, I prefer to leave the house, walk, swim a little. But those who could not make time for such activities, and have no excuse. I wonder if this multifunctional furniture set comes with a tutorial or a brochure explaining the recommended routines.

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Dinners traveling in Mexico City, the proposed Hideaway Supper Club

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Culture & Science - Strange Inventions
Thursday, 16 May 2013 00:04

It is interesting how the pop-up concept can be extended to different areas if its practitioners have adequate vision: from ephemeral stores to art exhibitions and fashion ranging from one city to another. Hideout Supper Club , for example, provides itinerant dinner service in the City. The idea is to meet with the group of people who share a love of food, wine and art. These dinners also always revolve around a different theme. As they are traveling, not held in an address set, but it is revealed just one day before.

Hideout, pairing

It is impossible to get tired of meeting new restaurants, especially if they are of good quality. So, when you give a little twist to food service, the matter becomes more attractive. A supply of hotels, shops and exhibitions Pop-up Mexico City, joins Hideaway Supper Club, a system of itinerant dinner in Mexico City, which takes place in unconventional places (and different each time), with groups of people who do not know each other.

Thus, the proposal becomes more fun, because you never know who you will share a table. And, of course, is part of the idea that all guests enjoy the food, wine and art, even if those interests do not guarantee compatibility. Anyway, after a few good entries and bowls precise, it is more likely that the conversation flow, that the conclusion is guaranteed. Furthermore, Hideout dinners are usually "intervened" by an artist, so that art is also a protagonist of experience.


The Supper Club Hideout proposal is due to the attorney and chef Alejandra Coppel, passionate about cooking, always interested in new culinary perspectives. If you are interested in attending any of the themed dinners and itinerant Hideaway, stay tuned to their accounts Facebook and Twitter , where the agenda is usually published. As the time and place of the event are revealed just a day before each meal, we can prepare in advance, but perhaps the act is part of the charm.

Hideout, diners

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The list of decorators favorite designs, the most seen in chair design

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Culture & Science - Strange Inventions
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 15:20

The list of decorators favorite designs, the most seen in the design of chairs in the best interior design projects, is a review of today, where we look at the interior designs them more relevant and extract trends chair designs and its current uses. From classic industrial design, unmatched as Chair of Vittorio Nobili Medea or the beautiful Eames chair in all its variations, until the news of the hands of the designers of the moment, Sousa, Hayon or Bend.


As a prerequisite, mix with each other, forget about putting equal 6 or 8 chairs around the table. Important to have a good reading chair in any room of the house. Find real gems, functional sculptures created by great designers and creators who are on their way to becoming important exponents. A selection for all tastes and all pockets.



In this section we could spend a lot of time talking about the many classics that have returned in the interior design projects, some already discussed so much, as the collection Tolix or Thonet, Panton chair or the beautiful banks Knoll Florence Knoll, in This time highlight two unique pieces, the chair designed by Vittorio Nobili Medea in 1955, produced by the house Fratelli Tagliabue and Tulip chairs by Eero Saarinen created in 1956, along with the Tulip table, two chairs are classic industrial design .



Vintage recycled

In this section we find all, are a very different group, like when you go to rake from recycled school chairs or chairs of the 50s, to industrial furniture of the early twentieth century, the typical chairs a doctor's waiting room or institution, stools, even church pews. Some restored to restore the splendor and others with a little modern twist, giving a flash of fluorescent color in the bottom of the legs or painting only the metal structure, there is also the option of leaving it with the old look in which we we have found.




A great resource today is the use of rigid or semi-rigid frames forming geometric patterns, as chair structure, but also found in classic models such as industry created Eames wire chair by Charles and Ray Eames in 1951 and new designs as Farmhouse Lounge Chair American household Bend Seating. You can put both outdoors and indoors, highlight the use of vivid colors and fluorescent, and the combination of these pieces so summery and fresh with rustic furniture and a wooden table.





Vintage reinterpreted, armchairs and sofas

Current designers are inspired by the lines of the furniture of the 50s to create new pieces, chairs, armchairs and sofas, covered with felt, with its peculiar diagonal lines and syncopated and rounded finish, with classic wooden armrest buttons or the novelty lies in a renewed letter of pastel colors and prints, such as Catch chair Chair by Jaime Hayon, a few days ago we talked about his brother the couch Ro . The Modern Chair with a very retro, '50s aesthetic, meets all the requirements, your armrest, footrest, fabric lined, with its buttons, a cushion and finally cylindrical wooden legs arranged open, you can find it in various colors at Urban Outfitters and finally highlight the Lagranja Basic Armchair, with a very Nordic and a very Mediterranean prints, this armchair is part of the original interior design of Hotel Chic & Basic Ramblas.





On occasion I have presented at Jossip news about chair design is concerned, as the collection of chairs W.02 Marco Sousa Santos for the house Branca, today we highlight another design of the Portuguese, with a more masculine and elegant , armchairs AYA-inspired modernist chair remind me Riemerschmid. Neither more nor less than Ikea chair comes Esbjörn, sophisticated, modern and original, good design and top with a good price, unusual industrial design. Also noteworthy is the sleek and comfortable design of Gotham W, very versatile, perfect for home and office, the Italian house produces Chairs and More.




Once all the models listed comment that the highlight of interior design projects is to mix all styles, vintage, new, industrial, classic and recycled also mix colors and textures. As we have seen the look of the 50s comeback, recovering authentic antique pieces as current reinterpretations of old pieces. As a counterpoint to both vintage using novel colors in chairs, incredibly vibrant colors, fluorescent, and also highlight the use of engineered surfaces, grids for the structure and if any of the chairs are uncomfortable or cold water, put a sheep skin wool , will be beautiful and very comfortable. Some of the nominated designs are classics and others are on the way to be, but they are all part of the list of preferred design decorators, in some distant future will become the new list of classic Bestsellers .


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Plants light on Kickstarter: controversial light without electricity

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Culture & Science - Strange Inventions
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 02:03

According to the authors of this curious project , bright plants are achieved by modifying the DNA of fireflies, so that it can adapt to plant species. To do this, we use a software called Genome Compiler, created for the design of genetic sequences. What follows is to send the result to a laboratory in which "prints" the DNA generated so that combined with the plant and it is able to shine in the darkness.

Plants bright

The project leader, Antony Evans , ensures bright plants result from a combination of synthetic biology techniques homemade:

Inspired by the fireflies, our team of doctors (graduates of Stanford University) is using accessible methods to create plants that really shine in a biolab the type "do it yourself" in California.

Under the theme "Plants that glow: natural light without electricity", the luminous plant project has managed to raise Kickstarter funding expected. The idea is emerging as a green alternative, natural, sustainable, negating the disadvantages of the traditional bulb. However, these plants are not able to replace light using lamps: its brightness is not enough for an entire room. Rather, they were created to achieve certain atmosphere, to give a soft light focused to a particular setting, or at least so it seems.

It is clear that these plants are a projection, but still not a reality. The research team, led by Omri synthetic biologist Amirav-Drory (also CEO of Genome Compiler) and the plant specialist Kyle Taylor, try to transplant a fluorescent gene in a small plant in the mustard family, called arabidopsis. However, there is no guarantee at all that this is achieved.

Meanwhile, those who have contributed to financing the project, seeds of these plants receive bright, in the best case. Because, if the experiment is not working, that will otherwise compensate.

Moreover, the controversy already begun to listen in different media. Several environmental groups have criticized the project and Kickstarter have asked you to remove it from their ranks. The organization Friends of the Earth and the environmental group ETC, in fact, signed a letter accusing Evans of promoting "the uncontrolled release, random and widespread biologically modified seeds."

Impossible not remember that episode of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon Cooper creates luminous fish. Impossible not to remember also the conditions that led to this invention: unemployment and despair. If I remember correctly, it took the intervention of his mother, the only way to get everything back to normal. Otherwise, Sheldon luminous fish, they might have come to Kickstarter.

The input light plants Kickstarter: light without electricity controversial first appears Jossip .

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