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A look at the highlight of the KidsroomZOOM at Milan Design Week

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Thursday, 18 April 2013 16:20

KidsroomZOOM! is an exhibition dedicated to the design and art for children, is a unique event and the most important in this field, dedicated entirely to children's universe. It is celebrated during Milan Design Week and today we will review the highlight of this third edition of KidsroomZOOM at Milan Design Week. A very well-curated selection of modern furniture, decoration, toys and art.


Under the slogan "I'd be ...": words, images, pictures or songs to tell us what would you be? Has collected organization desires of adults and children, has transformed them into images, sounds, etc. and projected on the grounds of the KidsroomZOOM! Opens March 9 to April 14, at school Clorofilla Milan. The Milan Design Week hosts for the third consecutive year, the lounge kidsroomZOOM! under the FuoriSalone, a set of events, events, exhibitions from industrial design held through the streets of Milan, out of the Salone.


KidsroomZOOM! brings together artists and designers from different countries, the show is divided into two spaces, one exhibition devoted to interior design and industrial design located in an apartment building in the 70s, that in these days it becomes the perfect home for a child . A place to grow, play, learn and observe. The second proposed heterogeneous character of contemporary art, gastronomy and new publications, among others.


Unduetrestella Gallery, promoter of the event, with organizers Noah and Thomas Maitz Paola also present art projects and workshops for children and parents, organize numerous parallel activities, from cooking classes for seniors and artistic creation workshops for blind children.

Uocu furniture, Germany


I start with one of my favorites, the collection of furniture, which I think is for both children and adults, with a practical design and smart and simple online round these parts mountable and light plywood corrugated blank, to give a touch of color, the practice tape used to hold the pieces and assemble the furniture, that you can find in 9 different colors, designed by the German Uocu.

Vinyl Wall Decals for Hotel Miramare Peridea, Italy

Hotel Miramare 100_50-stampa

This is the second collection of fabric wall stickers Peridea the Dutch study was designed. The funny thing is that there are hundreds of pieces adhesive, a fact that allows you to create many different scenes and tell stories in your walls. The original is fabric that are beautifully designed.

Bookshelves of Menuts Guardacuentos, Spain


The Spanish design company and their animals Menut protective guardians of children's stories. The collection includes eight animals, all very decorative and endearing.

AboutSTEK lamp unit and chair, Netherlands


In the hands of the Dutch aboutSTEK comes this collection of wood, so simple and crafts, therein lies its beauty. A collection with simple designs and neutral colors, where wood is the protagonist, in line with new trends in wood craft.

Home Zoo Animals Silvia Covers Knuppel, Germany


Covers some marine animals Zoo inflatables, fascinating, finished clothes to be more comfortable, as if they were giant stuffed animals. There are dolphins, sea lions, orcas, sizes large and small, may curl during the winter as if cushions it were, how great is that in summer we take out the cover and is perfect for going to the beach.

Bissaca Matteo Reno, Italy


This spectacular Reindeer Bissaca Matteo Italian study has several functions, can be a shelf, a sculpture or a space to play. Reminds me of the French house bears Ibride .

Vinyl Bumoon, France


These films I love, are part of a children's vinyl collection or not, I would put in my house, French house Bumoon. A collection of characters / monsters sober colors and comic character.

Egghelmets Helmet, Netherlands


This funny motorcycle helmet so real and feminine, is part of an extensive collection of designs, from a British design and punk, some shaped billiard ball or fruit, you choose. They are comfortable and Egg house insurance.

Tomtom of Furf Chairs Design, Brazil


Another detachable design, created from choosing every piece with its color, to see that creation comes out, easy to assemble, these chairs online as simple and colorful, they are ideal for children.

IO bunk kids design, United Kingdom


One of my favorites, a berth for two, with a futuristic design this creation of the English IO kids design, known for being compact, high character, not like two furniture in one, but in one piece, you saw a lot of room. Great for children to have privacy, designed to be hidden and have their own space. Precious.

Zookids of Julica chair design, Germany


This delightful collection of wooden chairs, consists of three parts, each corresponding to an animal design, each with very bright colors. A cheerful designs for a children's room, study German hands Julica Design.

House X-Hus Playhouse Studio 17, Norway


The Norwegian house Studio 17 designed a simple and beautiful birch playhouse removable. This house consists of seven pieces of birch wood, is mounted through an ingenious system of shims with input and output slots. Easy to assemble, easy to store, fun to play. Nice, but to say that there are already many similar models in cardboard, could haver made ​​a turn to the concept, as did the study Paloma's Nest with its multifunctional chairs Neighborhood .

Cradle of Nesta's Nest, Germany


A removable cot with wooden legs and light gray felt cuckoo, once the child is grown, could be a basket to save their dolls and toys. I'm very interested lasted those ephemeral furniture you can give a dual use purpose after finished. Great for these ideas, with a very Scandinavian look neutral and relaxing.

Pouf Saccotto Il Made in Italy, Italy

Microsoft Word - CS_Il Saccotto-made in italy.docx

All children pirran by a puff, are thrown over them, drag them, keep things as well to use the great, the classic pouf Piero Sacco Gatti, Cesare Paolini & Franco Teodoro, we now have a unique design for them, four models with four different ways, an elephant, a seal, a donkey and a hippopotamus, children will love.

Wood Collection Studio delle Alpi, Luxembourg


This collection of wooden furniture designed by Studio delle Alpi is painted with brightly colored geometric patterns, consists of stools, chairs, tables and toys, all for the children's room.

A summary of the most creative, fresh and beautiful for our children's rooms, original ideas and fun, highlighting the very showy pieces with designs for children who like both highly functional, many furniture and dual-use removable. If you want ideas to finish designing a child's room , this link will go great. I leave the house another link organizer Unduetrestellababy , where you find all the links of the designers.

Entry A Look Back at the highlight of the KidsroomZOOM at Milan Design Week listed first on Jossip .


Crabby Wallet, a portfolio customizable and minimum

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Culture & Science - Strange Inventions
Thursday, 18 April 2013 12:00

A minimalist portfolio is never to spare. Even before we show the portfolio Nothing Fancy : a functional solution, with creative design based on the use of leagues. Now we bring you a similar option, but with their own design touch: the Crabby Wallet is a customizable portfolio, which is available in different sizes and is able to adapt to different situations. Is lightweight and especially minimal.

Crabby Wallet, customizable portfolio

The advantage of minimalist portfolios is used to save what we need to take with us ... and nothing else: cards, tickets, passport ... Some even feel comfortable keeping them your keys. So, customizable portfolio Crabby Wallet comes ready to be taken in those instances.

The proposal is Kickstarter campaign and has already surpassed the initial goal of funds. Has grossed $ 156.493, so it is likely to see it soon commercialized. What is your secret? Perhaps the versatility to different lifestyles, a portfolio that may suit them. The Crabby Wallet works because it has room for essentials, comes in 9 different colors, is practical, minimal, lightweight and durable.

Crabby Wallet, sizes

Ryan Crabtree, creator of the concept, gave his wife a sewing machine: a birthday gift which he would later use. Soon after, Ryan realized that I needed a versatile portfolio to provide him life, so he sat on the kitchen table with the sewing machine of his wife, and for a month was sewing different portfolios, a few hours every night. When he realized that the project was for long, decided to move the machine and office portfolios.

The first designs were functional, but it looked so good, so Ryan kept trying, drawing drawings, sewing. When Crabby Wallet began to take shape, the family and friends of Ryan asked her portfolio, and he realized that each person had different needs, so we tried a portfolio customizable that would provide solutions to those profiles.

What are the advantages of Crabby Wallet? It is the perfect wallet to carry the iPhone, notes, cards and even the keys. Canvas is, what becomes light and durable. In addition, the elastic that holds everything in place brings a touch of color. Now, if it is mentioned disadvantages, its design may seem too casual for some, myself included.

For now, the Crabby Wallet achievable via Kickstarter, for $ 16 (that will support the campaign), plus 5 for shipping costs. Whoever request, receive around June this year.

Crabby Wallet, back

The entrance Crabby Wallet, a portfolio customizable and minimum first appears on Jossip .


Basic Parts to a design studio

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Culture & Science - Strange Inventions
Wednesday, 17 April 2013 19:10

A selection of furniture with classic pieces of industrial design, such as a lamp Lamp Gras fell in love with Le Corbusier and small accessories with original and innovative designs for your desktop, like sticky notes fun and creative, colorful wooden rulers and the beautiful luxury pens, among many others. A catalog of basic pieces for a design studio.


Desktop S 285 Marcel Breuer, Thonet

We started in the main part of the space, which will define the rest of the environment, S 285 furniture designed by Marcel Breuer at the Bauhaus, Thonet is the house that produces one of the unforgettable classic Marcel Breuer who just turned 75 years . A piece that could be on the list of 20 classic industrial design . This tubular steel desk is a successful example of the desire to convert the Bauhaus art and technique in a formal unit. In the S 285 are harmoniously integrated the tabletop and stowage items lacquered or stained wood. By the way the company Muji, in partnership with the furniture manufacturer Thonet, launches a reinterpretation of this design.


Objects of Daniel Emma Desk

A collection of spectacular designer pieces for your desktop created by Daniel Emma , from a cork cone sticking pins a shiny metallic pen, a wooden tower magnetic clips, paperweight golden set, hexagonal mirror and a bowl red top, all very simple and sober.


Table lamp No. 205, Bernard-Albin Gras, Gras

In a desktop can not miss a table lamp, we show the precious No. 205 Gras Lamp a design classic that was loved by some of the great designers of the era as Robert Mallet-Stevens, Emile Jacques Ruhlmann and Eileen Gray, also artists such as Sonia Delaunay and Georges Braque used it in their studies. Developed by Bernard-Albin Gras as office furniture and industrial environments, is part of a long series all made ​​in the Atelier Gras. This gem of 1920 was much loved by the architect Le Corbusier for his "pure function" in fact used it in his own office, like many other designers of the time. An adjustable table lamp is ideal for reading and working. Currently used in both residential and industrial environments and professionals, has proved its timeless design.


Paper bag, Bloomingville

Changing third, and adding a little color to the study, a necessary object for which they bring the food from home, a beautiful Paper Bag with this geometric print, you will find it on Online Bloomingville. You can give all the applications you want, always good to have paper bags, just in case you have to take or bring things home study, if this design does not convince you check out this selection of Lunch bag .


Office Kit Present and Correct

In this original paper kit, you will find basic office items, a calendar, a rubber stamp to stamp, pencil, erasers, a ruler, a chocolate coin, a must for hungry days, magnet, ashesivos and labels. Created by Present and Correct, have an online store on Etsy where you'll find other wonderful things like notepads that open up the report, another study basic.


Plisse Cabinet A4, Hay

There is always something to file, bills, photos, reports, papers, and papers, and we have to organize them, do it at this great Plisse A4 with original degraded color application is available in different formats and colors, designed by Danish house There is certainly also has a wonderful collection of boxes. It can be found in the Online Store Couverture and The Garbstore.


Tablette Pol, Atelier Caroline Gomez

To organize your small items this neutral desktop organizer wood designed by French Caroline Gomez , handmade, with its rails to put envelopes, paper, pens and clips.


D Clips

Another basic an office, an indispensable item, are the clips, as you have to use almost under compulsion, at least they are nice and I rejoice the workday, I show some clips in the form of Korean House Rabbit D Clips , but I link an article with a great selection of designs clips .


Free desktop wallpapers watercolor, Katie Fiddler

For those who work with computer, necessary and essential good serene Wallpaper you and make you enjoy Katie designs Fiddler with his watercolors, and color to brighten your desktop.


Home Memo Block MR. Design

More basic sticky notes, in a few years have become a classic, this model created by the Japanese study Mr. Design-shaped house with its doors and windows punched, a block of 600 sheets, you can find eb orange, pink and white. Now if you want to hand out notes to everyone.


Wooden rulers of Hay

Not only do designers need these tools, everyone at some point needs a rule, but never found, now with these great wood designs are stamped on colors, you no longer need to hide it, it's like a small sculpture, a decoration for your table, also designed by the Danes there.


Bulb Fiction KiBiSi

A part of the table lamp need an ambient light so fashionable and are the bulbs to denuded I propose that we play with them, putting them in groups, at different levels, to create a small light fixture, original and decorative a creative touch to your office, for this I show the Bulb Fiction KiBiSi, although you can do with a simple bulb and some imagination.


Luxury & Pencils Eliminator Swann Marchon and Merve Kahraman

Some pencils are indispensable in a studio, so we propose a luxurious version of the hands of Swann Marchon, this lovely white box with 12 pencils blank, you will be on the table without problem. Another useful item for those who need delete documents, just that if this wonderful, original manual and paper shredding contraption is wonderful, a small wooden sculpture designed by Merve Kahraman.


Waka Waka Torafu Bookends Stands and Iko Iko

Completing the list, something practical for your shelves, necessary to hold your books and magazines, for this you will need to Torafu colorful and original Waka Waka Stands or Bookends. They will give color and life to your office. You can find them in the store of the designers Iko Iko.


Lists are always endless, be brief it's hard not being able to include basic pieces such as shelves, cabinets and occasional furniture, chairs, agendas , the handy clock, among other gadgets and knickknacks very original for his designs in a sequel you the show. This is a list to inspire you and choose what you like best, but first draw a plan, do a project design, choose the colors, shapes and themes, and do a bit of DIY, recycle and costumiza adds your Toy Art preferred, hang memories, adds touches of color with Washi Tape and some typography all help to add personality to your studio.


Admission basic parts for a design study appears first in Jossip .


The decaying colonial Shanghai glamor of the 30's in the restaurant Mr.Wong

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Culture & Science - Strange Inventions
Tuesday, 16 April 2013 22:18

Bringing the charm, elegance and authenticity of decaying colonial Shanghai glamor of the 30's, the restaurant in Sydney Mr.Wong offers a menu of traditional Cantonese Chinese food. Noted for its careful interior design project, and its delicious menu specializing in Dim Sum. With a concept restaurant like Miss Ko designed by Phillippe Starck, both sophisticated oriental food restaurants located in large, cosmopolitan cities.


Located in the heart of Sydney, with a capacity for 240 people, Mr. Wong is a leading Sydney restaurants where you can dine at the bar, intimate tables in private rooms or tables for groups. 60 offers a menu of classic dishes with Cantonese food, roast duck, the shark fin soup and an unrivaled selection of Dim Sum.


The interior design of Mr. Wong is a mixture between the Shanghai of 1930, the colonial style and the industrial aesthetic of the former tenants, former Tank nightclub. Chinese influences can be found throughout the restaurant with his craft Chinese dishes, colonial furniture, hand painted murals, wood floors inlaid with tiles and to give the final touch classic ceiling fan. Mr. Wong's style is a tribute to the classic Chinese influences mixed with a western style industry, with a very contemporary.



The current Eastern restaurants are designed as Food Street, fast food restaurants where you eat in the bar, but you get the option to eat at a table, dividing the half space bar area to eat fast and half lounge chairs more intimate and quiet. Like the approach of the Mexican lonchería La Favorita , multipurpose spaces for everyone.


The building is old nightclub, the interior project managers wanted to retain part of the aesthetics of the club, adding a decidedly colonial flavor resulting in a place with its own identity, Thonet chairs in black type, exposed brick and battered and especially mention the beautiful female portrait mural with a presiding eastern one of the lounges.


Report the use of green contrast with black and brown details of wood and brick, very colonial tones. And the use of different models of industrial lamps reissued old, very fashionable today. The entire set is warm, welcoming and very current.


Mr. Wong is part of the group of Merivale , he hired a team of designers, Sibella Court, Bettina Hemmes, Dreamtime Australia, with peer collaboration Merrivale CEO, Justin Hemmes, engaged to complete this sophisticated, colonial and tropical vision of beauty transformed into a restaurant, just brilliant.


The entrance The decaying colonial Shanghai glamor of the 30's in the restaurant Mr.Wong appears first in Jossip .

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