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Vodka Black Cow: Milk Drinker converted

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Culture & Science - Strange Inventions
Friday, 19 April 2013 18:00

In Monkeyz we have shown vodkas that come in bottles very Russian and even artisanal vodkas design, but the first time we talked about a vodka made ​​from milk. I do not mean combined with milk vodka vodka but in the strict sense of the term. This is the Black Cow vodka, produced by a British farmer by a curious process that promises a taste of character, ideal for combining and creating cocktails. This vodka, also for its packaging design, will be a blast at parties.

Black Cow vodka

Vodka Black Cow is the first milk vodka, made ​​from the milk of cows grazed, whose power is based solely on the use of herbs. That same milk is used for cheese-making experts. The creator of the Black Cow, Jason Barber, is one of them: the cheddar Barber's 1833, in fact, won the World Cheese Awards Cheddar Trophy in 2012, and the quality of the milk had much to do in achieving this award.

Barber realized he was interested in diversifying production from milk, and felt inclined to follow the interest always had for the vodka. He decided to produce milk vodka. The result is Black Cow. And although the concept sounds interesting, it is hard to imagine the process of turning milk into an alcoholic beverage. How does Jason Barber?

The first is to separate the milk: curds and whey. The curd is used in cheese production, while serum is transformed into beer fermented with the aid of a special yeast which converts milk sugar alcohol. This beer is distilled and subjected to special treatment and secret. When he finally gets vodka, it is filtered three times before bottling.

And once it is bottled, the process is complete, because of the charm of the vodka Black Cow is the packaging. Those who say they drink milk makes it creamy and smooth taste. It even seems to try without mixing. But vodka is the drink shaker par excellence, at the site of vodka Black Cow is available a set of recipes for original drinks.

The entrance Vodka Black Cow: Milk Drinker converted first appears Jossip .


Trends in packaging for wine

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Culture & Science - Strange Inventions
Friday, 19 April 2013 15:51

We present a selection provides a fairly complete with the latest trends in wine packaging. Where highlight the most innovative formats, new materials and new packaging, original as printing labels and bottles, as used in the sense of humor and as the wine is a perfect product to use in marketing strategy and communicate or sell other products, brands or companies. As we have done in other collections , you will find a large selection of packaging designs, creations curious and bright ideas.


Ampro wine, Ampro Design, Romania

We started with the formats curious, in this case the study Ampro Design designed for your own signature for the perfect gift to give to your customers. A very curious bottle has two necks and two glasses of wine, all integrated into a single format. The theme of the gift, is "Our Business, Your Business". Smart and funny.


The piquette, Ugo Varin, France

In this case Ugo Varin has used humor to create a product name The piquette a French term that defines a rough ordinary wine. Mention original cork format, it appears to be a table wine, both by name and by the format, but aimed at a younger audience and worried about the design.


Bloody Wine Branding, The Astos Dizainas McCann Erickson, Lithuania

With this original campaign The Astos Dizainas Lithuanian agency McCann Erickson, she was promoted to sell the idea of his rejuvenated company, used a metaphor packaging serum as a rejuvenating serum is involved. To my mind the idea if not caught, it seems to me more a visual game where you substitute blood for wine, this campaign would have been great to promote blood donation, you change a bag of blood for a of Beaujolais wine. The highly innovative and original packaging.


Table Wine, Rethink Communications, Canada

With this beautiful wine jug close the section of original formats. Using again the sense of humor create a fun label which appears a table to describe neither more nor less than a table wine, to reinforce the idea of ​​table wine, use the format of a decanter with handle, the typical plastic, but this time the glass conceptualized. A beautiful and fun result, would be curious to try the wine. Rethink People Comunications conceptual product created to showcase their talents in packaging design to its customers. Other packaging used to promote a company. Notice that uses the Saarinen Tulip table to represent the label table.


Pairing, Sascha Elmers, Germany

We started with a group of concepts bottles with original labels, all printed directly on the bottle, a trend widely used today. Sascha Elmers Ls student uses this resource to create a collection of 4 wines, each for a different occasion for beef, fish, poultry or pork. With a brief and concise graphics a very cool image and graphics, distinguishes the 4 bottles with color and icon animal. I like your concept and as formalized.


De Parade, Kluif Studio, Netherlands

De Parade is a traveling theater festival is celebrated during the summer months. With the participation of musicians, actors, theater and restaurants. We could not miss a good wine, so The Parade created their own organic wine. Kluif Studio is responsible for the design of these 4 bottles illustrated printed directly on the bottle.


Dot Wines, TACN Studio, Canada

These 4 bottles with a very simple design, a point also printed directly on the bottle, the small colored dot in the center of the bottle distinguishes the 4 varieties of grapes, each point has its color, from the hands of another Canadian study, TACN Studio.


Cinema Wine, Ivan Burmistrov, The British Higher School of Art and Design, Russia

Another student working with Cinema Collection Wine, Ivan Burmistrov represents three wines for three actors of silent films, each represented by its symbolic hat, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd. Sober, funny and smart.


Better Half Wine, Daniel Green, United States

Better Half Wine is a wine brand of fiction aimed at young men with an informal approach to drink wine, conceptualized by Daniel Green. His image of a ballot Take your Time, with the intention to relate this with the idea of a food store deli , buy a good wine and a good dinner. The funny thing is that the designer can reclacionar Yorker this concept only there, as elsewhere, the paper receipt is Take Time, is related to any normal store market, but not linked to the food gourmet . A good image with a very local message.


Caravan drinks, In House Design, New Zealand

The New Zealand study In House Design, created this series with Gypsy words, the language of rumaneses Gypsies, the Romani, the series could not otherwise Caravan titled drinks. A very simple and functional image, an aesthetic widely used in recent years, with the use of Helvetica, black color and these horizontal lines, forming a virtual label, printed directly on the bottle.


Pink Glasses, Luksemburk, Poland

This packaging we talked at Jossip, but could not miss this unique, fun and fresh design created by Luksemburk. Pink Glasses , Californian wine, a company specializing in rose wine.


Gago, Fernando Gutierrez, Spain

One of my favorites, maybe not it very original, but this leads to 15 years, one of the most innovative packagings and elegant bottles there, you can check that your design is a classic and perfectly enduring step the years. Certainly one of the first commercially speaking Toro came out very rich, from Telmo Rodriguez Wine Company. DO TORO.


Harvey Milk, Emily Hale, United States

San Francisco has some of the best wines in California, like many do not know that San Francisco was also home to one of the first openly gay politicians in the United States, Harvey Milk. Emily Hale pays tribute to the memory of Harvey Milk, with this design, a conceptual play with the name of Harvey, their graphic representation, that has nothing to do with what is culinarily speaking, it could be milk but it is not. Interesting work, forceful and very graphic.


Vinkara, Ned Wright, Turkey

Introducing a new grape in the region, the introduction of a new wine at a crowded market requires a different approach bottle design. Ned Wright Turks dispose of aesthetics and clasicona abarrocada to break the Turkish market, simplicity, simplicity, are its top to create a modern and contemporary design, which breaks with the aesthetic of the Turkish market, certainly stands on the shelves.


Cantamanyanes, Seriously Studio, Spain

With close Cantamanyanes this group serigrafiar current trend of the bottle, forget the label and look for even more simplicity in graphic dialogue. If looking for simplicity in this case we have it all, submerged in mud, it is the intention of the designers of the study Seriously. A handcrafted wine Tivissa lands made without intermediaries or distributors, earth to table. A limited edition of 600 hand-painted bottles. Also mention the precious work of student, with forgiveness and looking everywhere I have not been able to find his name, bottle of Robert Mondavi Winery California, much like Cantamanyanes, but more colorful, sophisticated and better.


Bamboo Ginjo came Yano, China

We started a new group, the best known of all, the use of classic label on a bottle, to begin a fun design Chinese rice wine Yano, author unknown. With this aesthetic childish and funny, represented with a panda pattern.


Lazarus Wine, Baud, Spain

Drawing on the extreme sharpness of his senses, a winemaker blind, supported by a team of professionals, conducted Lazaruswine sensory processing. Baud was the company selected for this project represent graphically on the product. In the design process it was decided to use the magnificent forms of Braille to transmit high-end and unique winemaking. Lazarus Wine was awarded the Laus 2008 in the category Packaging.


Earth Star, Cristina Vergara, Spain

Cristina Vergara designed study the image of these broths, originality lies in the use of a tiny die, simplicity and a very textured.


Buccella's Wine, Uxus Design, Netherlands

Uxus finds the difference in the format of the label, Oval, only to give the scourge sophisticated touch it with red wax, stamped on the house logo. Transmits excellence and craftsmanship, high-end wine. Just need to try it to see if it's true.


Siller Wine, Kissmiklos, Hungary

With a cool, modern aesthetic, Kissmiklos creates an original design, consisting of two parts, the classic bottle label and a red minietiqueta, protruding, like a clothing label is involved. Original.


Teusner Wines, Sage Visual Solutions, Australia

Of much more classic look, reminiscent of the typical image of French wine, cream paper with a red touch, their innovation is taxed type illustration of a man with a cat face, and stamp in red created by Sage Visual Solutions. A touch surreal and fun.


The Coster, Regina Puig, Spain

Packaging for a white wine from Priorat, Spain. "Coster" means slope, margin, just where are located the vineyards of the winery. He wanted to join these two concepts graphically simple and visual way by making a small crease in the paper, right in the "coster" label. This work was awarded a Silver Laus Award in the packaging section in 2010. Original and modern. What I like is the bag for packing wine. Emphasize the use of fluorescent green, very atypical.


Lascala, Eduardo del Fraile, Spain


We started another section, I believe the newest of all, one of the latest trends is wrap in onion or like wine, fine paper, translucent and pliable, easy to handle, and that gives a lot of texture and warmth to the cold bottle. We begin with a Spanish folk pattern, very flamenco in contrast to the face of the protagonist chinoiserie bottle. absolutely gorgeous and original. Highlight the box packaging of 6 bottles.


Wine Marx, Marx Design, New Zealand

Another project to promote his own design studio, Marx Design, Create your Marx Wine to give to their customers. In this case with a traditional handmade aesthetic, highlighting the use of organic string, as opposed to serif typeface. Gorgeous.


Saint Mont Vignes, Lasuite Atelier, France

Elegant, understated, dark, masculine, strong, stunning, and with so little can mean so much, another bottle of red wine wrapped in Jan this case black paper, this time over typography is silkscreened on the glass blank, to take on a good restaurant . Spectacular French hands Lasuite Atelier.


The Percentage Mailing, campaign Serviceplan, Germany


Serviceplan agency Invest campaign created for Akzent The Percentage Mailing campaign to ensure the loyalty of their customers and inform potential customers of the quality of investment products that are going to bring to market. The target receives an email that consists of three bottles of wine, where the percentage of alcohol is equal to the potential gain. A great idea with a spectacular design.


2010, Bendita Gloria, Spain


"2010 is the name of a wine to share with friends and celebrate the beginning of the new year. This product has been produced with methods of organic farming without herbicides, pesticides or chemical leaks aggressive.'s a numbered limited edition of 2010 bottles. The wraps the bottle label with the help of a rubber band without using adhesives. Once the wine ran out, the bottle can be returned and the label also has a second life as a poster with this message about 2010: "I have the feeling that will be a good year. "Health". Very modern and original.


A long list, with four very clear sections, New Formats, where we have seen originality and freshness, No Tags, this trend has become a classic, printed directly on the bottle, we have seen new designs and concepts innovadres, Tagged, a classic that still has new things to offer and finally paragraph Newest The Wrap, where the bottles are lined on paper, we have seen beautiful designs. Highlighting the sense of humor, wordplay and original concepts and marketing strategy to communicate and promote your business through the wine.

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5 eBooks defects requiring resolution

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Culture & Science - Strange Inventions
Friday, 19 April 2013 00:06

The shortcomings of electronic books have solution and urges publishers to put the batteries in this regard. The e-books have great advantages, we know: they are practical, affordable, easily stored. Most digital book readers agree that reading is as pleasant as printed books. There are even studies that found that the use of e-readers has increased overall rates of reading.

However, the shortcomings of electronic books darken the picture. Not present in all of them, but we must recognize that, broadly ragos, digital editions are not as manicured as printed.

Ebook Defects

Some believe that eBook readers are not as demanding as traditional readers, which is absurd and discriminatory. It aims to improve the experience, not impoverish. In fact, some e-book readers decide to leave the online stores and take refuge in the download sites where the books sometimes have less errors and hopefully are better typeset.

It is hard to believe, but in such sites as is increasingly better quality books. Definitely, the online stores in general and Amazon in particular, need to solve the most common defects. No matter what the format, a book must have certain characteristics to be considered as such.

  1. The cover. Digital books do not need a hard cover, obviously, does not make sense. But readers want to meet with a cover that reflects some graphical approach. And of course, there are books whose editorial design minimalist completely agree with a couple of lines of text by way of cover. But not everyone can afford it. So, digital publishers, pay attention to this aspect.

  2. Legal page. No better legal pages contain only some of the required data. Readers we like to know the title of the book in its original language, the year of first publication and years of previous editions. A book without legal page shows a lack of editorial work.

  3. The index. The indices are indispensable, are the fundamental starting point to access the contents of a book. May we e-book readers does not mean we read in disarray or queries do not constants. Even video games have menus. So it's not fair to deprive us of indices. Fortunately, many digital books have them. But still there are several of them who neglect this aspect. The shortage is compounded if we consider that the digital medium prevents us browse for passages. Unforgivable.

  4. The problem of the formats. This severely limits our ability to read wherever you want, on any device. And difficult to share our readings. Share what you read is part of the charm, a fundamental right. On the other hand, should be able to download and modify the format of the books we buy.

  5. The layout. A suddenly find books that have page breaks where there should not be, with paragraphs without visual indicators (since start without double space or bleeding), orphans and widows lines ... And that can not be read. One thing is that digital books are cheaper and another to sacrifice such basic issues like these. No hasty conversion of formats. It is something to be careful: this defect is solved with patience and work. Readers deserve.

There's also face it: many e-books are well edited, and suddenly you may encounter one another without defects. For Kindle , it is also a great advantage that we can notify the editor and errata we find that they follow up. But ... quite frankly, there are still many digital books that have one or more of these unforgivable mistakes. So your solution is urgent.

Photo: Muy Computer

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H & M Olympic uniforms for athletes in style at the next Games

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Culture & Science - Strange Inventions
Thursday, 18 April 2013 18:01

A H & M dress that gives athletes. Just ask David Beckham, who recently staged a short film for the brand, directed by Guy Ritchie. Now H & M announced that the Swedish team will wear the next winter Olympics and Summer: H & M Olympic uniforms for athletes with style. The low-cost brand signed a four year contract with the Swedish Olympic and Paralympic committees.

H & M Sportswear

Therefore, the firm will be responsible to design Olympic uniforms of the Swedish delegation, those athletes will use during the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, in 2014, and during the Summer Olympics, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2016. In addition, H & M created an extensive wardrobe for athletes in the Olympic Village used both to train and to feel comfortable during their free time.

"It is an honor for H & M dress the Olympic and Paralympic athletes Swedes in the next Olympics in Sochi and Rio de Janeiro. Designs combine sport and fashion in a completely innovative and Swedish heritage as an influence on the collection," says Ann -Sofie Johansson, head of design at H & M. Meanwhile, Stefan Lindeberg, Swedish Olympic Committee mentions:

I am pleased to announce this long-term partnership with H & M, the first sample will be the Swedish kit for Winter Olympic Games Sochi 2014. The H & M approach is innovative and exciting. In addition, several of our athletes will participate in the design phase. Is proud to work with H & M, a Swedish world renowned.

Collection H & M Olympic and Paralympic

Athletes who venture into the design. Because, according to the statement from H & M, the collection will be created in close collaboration with Swedish athletes, who will be responsible to test the garments. As should be: because they want style, of course, but in this case the priority is the movement and comfort. We are confident that the result will be optimal. Moreover, these same athletes will participate in the new collection H & M Sport, a step in the commitment of H & M by improving the functionality and performance of the sports range.

"The Swedish athletes are excited about the collaboration with H & M. To represent our country in garments of a Swedish company strengthen team spirit, especially for a chain of worldwide reputation.'s First meetings with H & M let me say that we will create articles of that all athletes will be proud, "says Therese Alshammar, swimmer and member of the Swedish Olympic team.

The news is good for those who appreciate the brand's proposals. Its sporty lines have always been varied, practical, comfortable and interesting, but now that he has the supervision of athletes and experts, common buyers have the opportunity to acquire sporting garments technically proven by athletes, which ensures quality and durability. And best of all: the collection will be sold in H & M stores worldwide.

Photos: Pause , Huff Post Style

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