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Thursday, 14 July 2011 18:02

Although many would like the food became an art, because there so many chefs create a dish masterpieces, is not considered as such, the simple fact that it excludes it is functional in this category. However, there are increasing suggestions that, although we can not consider as art, if we talk about experiential dining. This is the case of Marti Guixé and Candy Restaurant in Tokyo, more than one input goes directly to our Special Japan .

The Candy Restaurant e1310655711161 Especial Japón: restaurante de chucherías

It is a further step in the concept that this artist has coined Designing food or turn food into something more than a necessity. Candy Restaurant is a gastronomic space-based experimental consumption of sweets. You can not think that you overeat food there, rather to taste and try a different experience as gorging on sweets is synonymous with death by overdose of sugar.

The Candy Restaurant is a place that specializes in sweets, far from the traditional sweets shop concept. The vast majority of them have nothing to experiential, from my point of view, are cold and impersonal. So, this place is designed as a dining space with the ordinary there special goodies are served cooked by a chef and served on tables for diners to eat them formally. The food is accompanied by a menu with instructions on how to eat sweets so the proposal is designed to lunch or dinner there is a whole sensory experience.

The Candy Restaurant 1 800x263 Especial Japón: restaurante de chucherías

According to Martí Guixé, "a food designer is someone who works with the food but has no idea of cooking." For him, food is a product rather than a necessity. If you are interested in learning more about this subject, you can do with the book of Marc Guixé for Designing Food to Amazon and if you like the idea of restaurant, Tokyo is the perfect place to ride, to be full of corners as curious, Candy Restaurant is one of those.

Photo: Asobi Tsuchiya

Japan Special: candy restaurant written in Monkeyzen on 14 July, 2011 by natalia-borrell
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