Cutting and bending photos

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Wednesday, 19 January 2011 13:00

sure you have seen in more than a documentary, exhibition or photo retailer near your home or photographs of your people before and after a side by side. It is always interesting to contemplate and imagine what life was like before. In this case, the artist in question has found a curious way to compare the two pictures, cropping, bending and getting a strange 3D effect, making him quite magical images .

Imagen 56 640x484 Recortando y doblando fotografías

This is Universal Now , the collection of images of famous landmarks of Abigail Reynolds . The artist settled in London and folds cut photographs from around the world and fuses so that we can see the same site in many forms, from a different point of view, with a three-dimensional air I oting over time.

The trick is to recover old forgotten images of tourist spots and select photos from different travel guides second hand. Then, Abigail decides to cut in geometric shapes and fusioanarlas so that past and present are reunited in the same plane.

Imagen 31 640x489 Recortando y doblando fotografías

Abigail Reynolds has two collections which mix photographs. One is Interiors interior design and Folded Photographs Non-series buildings and landscapes where they appear. All using the same technique of cut and folded. In the gallery you can see some of the work of the artist, no doubt impressive.

Cutting and bending photographs written Monkeyzen January 19, 2011 by natalia-borrell
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