Jossip Christmas: 9 Coronas Christmas DIY

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010 22:00

My partner Natalia few days ago I presented an excellent compilation with DIY decorations for the home ground of his great contribution and as part of our Christmas Special a bit I decided to expand its entry with a compilation of tutorials for creating beautiful, simple wreaths . These popular decorations often represent the common symbol of eternity, the circle. Its use varies between cultures, traditions and religions. In Christianity, for example, are used to prepare Jesus' birth. It is now mainly used for decoration and can be made of an infinite variety of materials.

Corona made Paper Placemats

Mnkzn CoronasNavidad 1 Navidad en Monkeyzen: 9 Coronas Navideñas DIY

There is an imitation of the popular paper folders fit. They are used primarily in the kitchen, either as disposable cup or as a base for cookies and desserts. With several of these tablecloths in three sizes, Christmas lights and a circular metal base can create a simple and delicate Christmas wreath . The end result creates the magical effect of lighted candles in the snow. Truly beautiful.

Pine cone wreath

Mnkzn CoronasNavidad 2 Navidad en Monkeyzen: 9 Coronas Navideñas DIY

Long, pineapples that give off some types of pine have been used as Christmas decorations, usually as ornaments for Christmas trees or wreaths. However, the crown of this occasion is entirely made from these cones . Just stick them next to each other forming a circle and paint them with spray paint of our choice. Surely they had seen a similar concept, so it only remains to obtain sufficient numbers of cones to assemble the crown.

Crown Scarves

Mnkzn CoronasNavidad 3 Navidad en Monkeyzen: 9 Coronas Navideñas DIY

Of all the objects that can be recycled to build a crown, scarves definitely not on the list. That is why I found a very interesting idea that we use these stored items, holiday gifts either past or no longer used by the erosion of much use. The idea is to wrap 3 white scarves, red and green in a base rounded to foam, boil them and tie them to keep them in place. The result looks as inviting as it is one of these garments in the cold winter. We can even use buttons, pompoms and yarn to add extra decorations that complement.

A Crown of Gifts!

Mnkzn CoronasNavidad 4 Navidad en Monkeyzen: 9 Coronas Navideñas DIY

I have to admit that this crown is my favorite of the whole list. The creation process is very similar to the pineapple crown, only instead of hitting cemillas pine, several tiny boxes will stick. You can use matchboxes in different sizes, or we can trace, cut and assemble the cardboard boxes with a package of cereal. Enough to have three different sizes of boxes, then we have to wrap with wrapping paper and add a bow to make them look like tiny gifts this season. You can use a color and change the colors of the ribbons or, fold them up with leftover gift wrap for a much more colorful. Finally, I just have to glue the boxes and add a larger bow. As you can see in the picture, the end result is just great .

Make A Crown Popcorn

Mnkzn CoronasNavidad 5 Navidad en Monkeyzen: 9 Coronas Navideñas DIY

First of all, if you live in a warm climate where insects abound even in this time, abstain from making this crown for more than an ornament, will serve as attractive to these forms of life. The crown is made with real, edible popcorn . In America, people usually do with this food chain, so make another type of decorations is not a crazy idea. In fact, the first step is to form a chain of one meter stringing some popcorn on dental floss. After that we cover a circular base, either foam or a paper plate that was removed before the center. Finally, just add a red ribbon to hang up and ready. It is a simple project to do with restless children who can not sleep waiting for Santa Claus.

"Christmas wreaths and picture frames?

Mnkzn CoronasNavidad 6 Navidad en Monkeyzen: 9 Coronas Navideñas DIY

If the crown was originally used as a tangible symbol of eternity, why not immortalize our most special moments in the same placing significant images of our life, whether photographs, postcards, notes, etc.. We just need a hoop for embroidery, wooden pegs for hanging clothes and a ribbon. Simply attach the clips to the rim, add the bar and finally put the pieces to decorate our crown. In fact, we put out there the cards we receive at this time . Simple, practical and attractive is not it?

A Crown of Old Newspapers

Mnkzn CoronasNavidad 7 Navidad en Monkeyzen: 9 Coronas Navideñas DIY

There are many ways to make a crown with old newspapers. We can cut floral forms in the paper, burning a bit of the edge and glue to the base of the corona as seen in this tutorial Starshine Chic , or we can wrap some pages and attach them to a center of heavy paper as we shown Apartment Therapy kids . If you want to get a stylish decor, simple but very attractive, this is an ideal choice for you.

Snowball Wreath

Mnkzn CoronasNavidad 8 Navidad en Monkeyzen: 9 Coronas Navideñas DIY

Oh, white Christmas! White is definitely one of the colors that represent this time, because it reminds us of the snow, because it symbolizes peace and purity. What better way to unite all these adjectives in a Christmas wreath made of white pompoms of different sizes. With a hot glue gun, attach the tassels to a circular board with trying to maintain sufficient volume. Finally we can add white vestments, as the leaves of the picture, and place where the bar is suspended. A simple, elegant and tender crown last minute.

Corona Geek

Mnkzn CoronasNavidad 9 Navidad en Monkeyzen: 9 Coronas Navideñas DIY

I left this piece at the end because we had mentioned in Special DIY Decorations I told you about at first, but I thought it also deserved a place in this list. The idea is simple: tie a wreath made of pine foliage false, some pieces of computer circuits, fans, a mouse and a floppy disk, etc.. As can be seen in the first photo, the bun is made with a red wire, which seals perfectly techie style crown. Sounds like a great way to recycle electronic waste and a great gift for the Department of Information Technology of any company.

As you can see, all projects are very simple, so we still have time to prepare some and decorate the empty corner of your home or office. As always, if you believe that any other crown should be on this list do not hesitate to mention through the comments. I already told you my favorite piece is now up to you just tell us what they liked most crown?

Jossip Christmas: 9 Coronas DIY Christmas written in Monkeyzen on 21 December, 2010 by Centeno Alejandrama
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