The Museum of Broken Relationships

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Thursday, 25 November 2010 14:30

Lately I've infiltrated the texts that I share with you some of my "personal experience", so I'd like to apologize, but all the interesting things I encounter daily not only touch my senses, but my memories and therefore my experiences. I begin this way because I know from experience that wonderful things can come out of a painful moment, as it is separated from a loved one, particularly a romantic partner. Although we sometimes hard to identify, pain and longing emerge many creative creations, such as photographs, text or pictures that help us to download all the feelings that build up in times like this. One of the best examples of this are Olinka Vistina and Drazen Grubisic, two Croatian artists who discovered, after breaking in 2006, how difficult it is to give up those objects that symbolize the lost love.

Mnkzn MuseoRelacionesRotas 1 El Museo de las Relaciones Rotas

To address this complication, ex-partner decided to seek a place where you could place these objects and keep them together without completely get rid of them. Suddenly, artists began to receive items from people who had recently experienced a breakup and slowly, his collection of objects became the Museum of Broken Relationships . Currently the museum is located in Zagreb, Croatia and is the first private museum in the country, but before he reached the 1,000 site visits per week, the Museum of Broken Relationships led to various countries, Istanbul, Philippines, New York the thousands of external parts that make up the collection: a lock of red hair carefully tied in a jewelry box in purple, courtesy of a Macedonian woman who cut her hair in a moment of madness after a very short but intense; a small container filled with tears, collected by a German while living bereavement of a four-year relationship with "a wonderful woman, but poaching ', an old Nokia cell accompanied by an anonymous tag that says:" It lasted 300 long days. He gave me his mobile phone to call him no more, "among many others.

Mnkzn MuseoRelacionesRotas 4 El Museo de las Relaciones Rotas

According to Drazen Grubisic, there is a therapeutic benefit for donors, about half of whom come from the various countries where the show has been touring:

I witnessed how difficult it is for people who keep giving these amulets power of two. And once you do, they are free from the haunting memory of the past, giving a new chance to start again.

I think it must be somewhat interesting this exhibition that lets us know a little about the lives of people, imagining because someone holds on to this or that object, pondering the various reasons that a couple is to complete and if one is experiencing similar time, healing by overcoming another. As I write and you read this, thousands of couples are given a chance to be together or separate, that's life, but it's nice that we can all participate in this love story through these "insignificant" objects. You, what would donate to the Museum of Broken Relationships?

El Museo de las Relaciones Rotas El Museo de las Relaciones Rotas El Museo de las Relaciones Rotas El Museo de las Relaciones Rotas El Museo de las Relaciones Rotas El Museo de las Relaciones Rotas El Museo de las Relaciones Rotas

The Museum of Broken Relationships written Monkeyzen November 25, 2010 by Centeno Alejandrama
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