Underground Library in New York and other metro digital libraries

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Friday, 08 March 2013 00:40

The digital reading spreads rapidly. Next fall will open BiblioTech , the first public library without books printed. And, in the New York subway, the Underground Library The initiative promotes the use of traditional libraries with digital lending system. This and other measures, using the latest technologies for the promotion of reading on the subway, a space in which many prefer reading to combat expected during the journey.

The Underground Library, meter reading

The book loan programs in the underground have been around for years, in different countries. In Santiago de Chile, Bibliometro program since 1995, implements book lending points in subway stations of the city, so that more people can have easy and free reading. In Madrid, with the same name, there is a service library extension , designed to promote reading through the free loan of books on the subway.

In the underground city of Mexico, lately, have been making campaign-related actions "Read 20 minutes a day", organized by Mexican entrepreneurs interested in "quality education". The campaign employs strategies like giving away candy and ask subway riders to read. However, so far not tried to borrow books. Overall, the initiative is unclear: it speaks of the wonders of reading, has a Twitter account that cited quotes related to the act of reading, but seems uninterested in books and literature. It is based on posters with television actors recommend reading 20 minutes a day (an arbitrary figure), and their interest has to do more to "build a productive country" that enjoy what you read.

Instead, the "Ticket To read the Metro", also in Mexico City, suggests users take advantage of the Metro "dead time" of travel and read some of the hundreds of copies that Libropuertos offer: classic and contemporary novels, stories, poetry. Not bad. Especially considering that uses home loan request and that the program has reading rooms which are already regular visitors.

With programs or not, people the world has ever read on the subway, there are pictures to prove it.

Underground Library (New York)

With the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, it is logical that the promotion of reading this now, in digital format. The Underground Library is a small digital library, located in the Metro that initial fragments of books (about 30 percent of the content), for the reader's request in the New York Public Library and read them finish print.

The goal of The Underground Library, a campaign devised by Max Pilwat, Tan and Ferdi Keri Rodriguez, students of Miami Ad School, is raising "a simple solution to New York empty libraries". Thus, the program has "samples" of literary works in digital format, for New Yorkers read them on the subway. In addition, the system indicates which libraries are entitled, so that the user go to the nearest loan request, in case you want to read on.

Digital Library station Piata Victoriei (Bucharest)

Digital Library in Bucharest metro

Last year, the metro station Piata Victoriei , Bucharest implemented its own digital public library. On the walls of the station are large format posters, allowing access to books via QR code. After scanning the codes on posters (shelves in two dimensions), subway riders can download samples of dozens of books and audiobooks.

Libropuerto Digital (Mexico City)

Digital Libropuerto, Mexico

Mexico has the initiative Libropuerto Digital , available on line 3 of the metro, which also allows downloading content in electronic form. The system works the same as in New York and Bucharest, and has fragments of works of Carlos Fuentes, Mario Vargas Llosa, Julio Cortazar, Mario Benedetti and José Saramago, among others. Libropuertos are planned to be extended to other subway lines.

Digital libraries subway, for one, offered Tidbits of literary, sometimes to encourage passengers to visit traditional libraries, sometimes they buy books printed or digital. In an ideal scenario, digital books could be downloaded for free and in full. Hopefully we get to the second phase soon.


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