How to make a wreath like Tavi Gevinson

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Thursday, 24 May 2012 18:25

The wreaths are essential in building a look-hipster-cursilón naive, very Virgin Suicides, very Tavi Gevinson . Because when we talk about this accessory is impossible not to think of the young prodigy fashion blogger. If you do your home, pay attention. You will need the following.

  • A headband rigid metal or plastic
  • Fabric artificial flowers in different sizes
  • Kolaloka glue or super glue
  • Scissors

  1. First, cut the stems of the flowers: it is only the part you want to look in the headdress. If the flowers have got a plastic core, remove too, so that only get the fabric.

  2. Take the crown and put some glue on the spot where the first flower wilt. I recommend you start at the center and go after sticking flowers on the sides. Get free edges of the headband so that the flowers do not rub the ears. Estimated that the center flowers wilt just over half of each side.

  3. Once the first flower is attached, continue beating the others. Fill the gaps with smaller flowers. You may want to use a gun instead of silicone kolaloka. When finished, let go a while for the glue is completely dry.

Easy, right?

Do not miss this video where Tavi it makes one of his crowns. It appears together with other girls and two cats, and all seem fun. In addition to the headdress of flowers, Tavi and her friend teach us to do another highlight and toys (I prefer the flowers).

Now, if you prefer a wreath that surrounds your entire head and has more movement, like the photo, I can also tell you how to do it.

You will need:

  • Natural fiber rope
  • Artificial flowers fabric
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  1. The first thing you do is a kind of braid with string. Take the strands separate and trénzalas until you get a long enough webbing to surround your head. Secure the ends with knots and cut the leftover loose ends.

  2. With needle and thread, sew the flowers to see the webbing. You can leave spaces between them, if you want a more discreet tiara, place flowers of different sizes or fill the huge floral strip. You decide.

There you go. A wreath is a fixture of the most feminine, very wearable day or night and more or less test time. If you encouraged you to do one, tell us how it went.

Photos: Feather Magazine , Supikukú , Tavi Gevinson in Instagram , The Style Rookie , WBEZ91.5