Pinstagram, cuando Pinterest conoce to Instagram

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Friday, 04 May 2012 23:30


If what you like when you surf the Internet are content with a strong visual component and have a penchant for photography, at this point you may know what is Pinterest , one of the last not-going-over in terms of networks that accounts for the activity of millions of users daily, and Instagram , the social network of photography created for the exclusive use referral is initially on the iPhone, and recently news was doubly, first by launching finally a Android app followed the announcement of its purchase by Facebook .

Since the ultimate photo app has no web version have appeared several options to complement Instagram who are readers of APIs that allow access after instagramer our data, interact (comments and likes) from the browser. It seems the last to triumph in the network is called Pinstagram defined as A little Pinterest in your Instagram: born almost as a joke between Pongpaet Pek and Brandon Leonard in conversation around Instagram and Pinterest, has taken advantage of qualities of both networks.

Pintstagram close up Once we have agreed, we have a top menu bar and a panel like Pinterest lattice with a liquid design that adapts to the window width. Through the menu, we can view the photos Instagram and interact with them, not only with "likes" and comments, but also gives us the possibility of a "pin" to our account Pinterest snapshots we like both own and others. We also explore the People section and have access to that mark as favorites. These two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have led the merger of the two networks to the point of not only getting the names but also use a typeface that reminds the both.

Although my first thought was Pinstagram know "bueeno, a more", go to take a look and then changed his mind: literally a Pinterest to Instagram, modeled its design makes it completely intuitive and user regardless of that network , we can comfortably encompass multiple photos at a glance, and it is very easy to use, unlike other sites designed to Instagram as Webstagram and Statigram . Given that Pinstagram is a project still in development, in my opinion the only thing that has yet to be access to the statistics, they do offer a service that other websites. It also appears that the next step will be to develop an app for iPhone. An initiative to watch.

Via: The Economist