TravelJohn, portable container for urine

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Wednesday, 15 July 2009 22:27

The men almost cost us anything we find an appropriate place - or more or less appropriate - to urinate. After walking a bit you can find a tree, a bush or something, and do your needs. Unfortunately, this task is a bit more complicated for women.


But calm, girls, because from now on, whenever they want TravelJohn can drink their urine and relieve themselves without problems. When you finish to use (or filling, as it were) the urine becomes a gel, and you can throw any waste into trash.

TravelJohn is a great product, and best of all it is sold on Amazon. 12 people have already made reviews of TravelJohn, so I imagine it works very well.

If you are interested in these packages to the urine, can purchase them at 6 per 11.90 dollars. An incredibly low price in proportion to its usefulness. Now yes, the important thing: Make sure you are selling TravelJohns not used, because it would be disgusting!

It has a minimal design with low weight. Do not generate unpleasant odors, non-toxic, and gel ensures that the urine does not spill from either side. You do not have you close when you finish to use. Best of all is that it can be reused until it is completely full.

Want more information on TravelJohn? Go to this page.

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