Animal Box, wooden boxes shaped like animals

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Culture & Science - Strange Inventions
Thursday, 22 March 2012 22:20

Occasionally a bit of mystery can fill our shelves or tables. This is a collection becomes more interesting and fun than perhaps they might like and called Animal Boxes . A set of small animals made of wood and keep the secret within can save small things that only we know.

These boxes are simple shapes, smooth, thanks to the hinges, one of its parts can rotate and expose a compartment for storing small things. Can be part of a shelf, table or library, and no one will know the secret inside.

The design created by Karl Zahn comes in six different animals, bull, polar bear, Morza, whale, rhinoceros and flame. I think they are hard to resist them and I love the rhino and the flame to place on a shelf. Do you buy some of these? They are available at Areaware to Usd 49 km each.