Bloom My Buddy, vases full of personality

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Culture & Science - Strange Inventions
Friday, 23 March 2012 00:06

Every time I see these vases I can think of a thousand ways to customize them. They are called Bloom My Buddy and presented in the form of little people friendly. Enough seriousness for a while, and have fun decorating. Never think to put flowers in a vase could stop being romantic, it is now time for us desestructuremos a bit, do not you think?

At first sight may get bored with neutral white color, but it is precisely because they are made to be decorated to your liking. Its surface is full of holes where you can put flowers and plants to simulate hair or clothing.

The little holes are distributed over the surface making it easier to improvise decoration. The first thing I think when I see it in centerpieces, I think they can be used over and over again to different times and nobody ever tire of them. The only bad thing is that they should be incomodísimos for washing.