World's best ice cream

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Monday, 27 September 2010 12:41

The newspaper El Pais , Spain, made a comparison to find the best ice cream around the world. Among the most delicious flavors of the world will have some as fresh milk, yogurt with amarena, mousse of chocolate and nougat Jijona.


The best ice cream in the world, a difficult task to decide (and would like us to have to travel the world trying different flavors and discovering the story behind each one!)

In Italy, in Rimini, is performed Mudial Ice Cream Cup, which is one of the events that spawn more worldwide recognition. In the latter event one of the most celebrated ice cream was France, while Spain pointed to the original Jijona nougat flavor, made in the region of La Rioja.

One of the winning Spanish team is to Alfonso Herce, Arnedo, and Andrew Sirvent, in Calahorra. The parlor of the latter is one of the most recognized of the dumb. There unconventional flavors are made with dark chocolate and violet, or celery, carrot and orange.

Another flavor widely recognized as one of the most delicious is the dulce de leche . And the world's best ice cream is produced in the Cadore, in Buenos Aires. Its owner, Fame, reveals some secrets of the process leading to dulce de leche ice cream more palatable, is boiled for 14 hours and used the vanilla sows.


Italy is the birthplace of ice cream, that's for sure. but the 2010 will not be able to participate by winning two consecutive events in the past.

One of the Italian masters of the ice cream account what is the secret to produce the best ice cream in the world:

  • the best raw materials
  • studied technique
  • a perfect process
  • creativity

The same teacher that ice cream would be best to find a sort of combination between the French, who apparently use excellent raw materials, the Italians, whose technique is more elaborate and the Spanish, who have incredible creativity.

Source: El País