Typical food from Brazil

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Monday, 23 April 2012 10:44

Today we tell you more about one of the most interesting countries of South America in regard to gastronomy. So we decided to do an article on local foods in Brazil. This country's cuisine is very diverse (not so strange considering the extension of the Brazilian territory) and is clearly influenced by Portuguese and local African for many years have combined to create what we know today as Brazilian food. Enjoy the taste!

plato brasil

Feijoada, a national dish

As we told you what Brazilian cuisine highlights is its diversity. But we can not deny that the feijoada, a dish based on black beans, is one of the most popular in Brazil.

This dish is also a clear example of how the incorporation of African ingredients (such as palm oil or couscous) and Europe, combined with locally available ingredients to give birth to this dish representative of Brazilian cuisine.

But what is the feijoada? It takes a traditional avocado black bean or salted and smoked meats, served with manioc flour or fried plantain.

Most famous dishes of Brazilian cuisine

The regional diversity makes us impossible to summarize all Brazilian dishes. Here we tell you what the most popular and known.

Acarajé: cream balls dried shrimp that are left to stand overnight.

Moqueca: meal with salt, fish and several species.

Tacacá not Tucupi: popular dish which is based on the powder of cassava and is accompanied by a sauce.

Molho de Pimenta

Pizzas: Heritage of Italian immigration, especially in the area of San Pablo. So it is with some German dishes.

Vatapá: traditional dish of Bahia used to accompany the Acajaré. It is made from peanuts and coconut milk, spices and other ingredients more.

cocina brasil

Recipe: Fuxura


  • 200 gr. veal loin (best if you previously condimentáis with salt, garlic and ground pepper)
    50 gr. Ginger
    1/2 green pepper
    1 tomato
    1 onion
    1 large banana
    Oil necessary


First let's cut the meat into strips about 5 cm long and we will fry in a pan with a little oil.

Then once incorporated ginger, pepper, tomato and onion (previously also cut into thin strips). Fry lightly.

In a separate pan fry the sliced ​​banana or too thin nor too thick.

Prepare white rice to accompany.

Cheese Bread

Other recipes that will lead your guests to Brazil:

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