Typical food in Bolivia

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Saturday, 21 April 2012 14:14

America is a continent of great gastronomic diversity. Sure you will have seen that even within a country there are regional differences that depend in some cases in the history of the area, received colonial influences, in other cases depends on the availability of local products . Today is the turn of the typical foods of Bolivia, a journey of flavors.


Bolivia is one of the South American countries with the highest percentage of indigenous population. This statistic cold and factual, resulting in a rich history of Bolivian dishes. In Bolivia many dishes dating from pre-colonial influences have been incorporated after the Spanish conquest, resulting in unique dishes and representative of the culture that is now Bolivia.

Mix of cultures

Bolivia has a history going back some 20,000 years. How could it be otherwise, that heritage has influenced the Creole cuisine that would develop after the conquest. The products built after the Spanish rule are wheat and various meats (pork, lamb, chicken ). These ingredients are a fundamental part of the typical food of Bolivia.

The kitchen has a strong influence Bolivian Spanish, Indian and a little Arabic.

The recipe: Chop Male


  • 1 kilo. hip beef
    1/4 of cocktail sausages (the tiny)
    1/4 kilo of sausages
    8 potatoes, peeled
    3 medium onions
    3 medium tomatoes
    3 locotos
    3 tablespoons of vinegar
    salt to taste

platos bolivia


First let's cut the meat in pieces and fry in oil (season to taste). Add a little vinegar. Then remove and fry a little sausages.

Besides going to cut into thin slices chorizo ​​and we also fry.

We do the same with the potatoes, cut in the form of slices and fry.

Besides we will prepare a salad with julienned onions, diced tomatoes, seeded and locoto. Add salt and a drizzle of oil.

Mix the meat sausages, hot dogs and chips and serve with the salad onions.

Bon appetit!

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