Typical Foods of Colombia

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Monday, 16 April 2012 05:19

Today we share with you the best of Colombian cuisine. Especially talk about those typical foods of Colombia that allow us to experience this country differently. Trends, combinations and traditional dishes, in an article that invites you to experience Colombia with your palate.


Colombia is a country of contrasts. Its history, from before the Spanish conquest, and especially after this, marked the country's traditional cuisine: Indian influences, local products, techniques and even a touch of Spanish Arab and African, Colombian food we know today and called typical is a mixture of the best of each culture and represent all.

Our selection of the best recipes Colombian

Veleno snack : sweet fruity that are great to kill the craving at any time. Among the favorites of children, these candies are easy to make and keep.

Colombian cuisine: Carimañolas : These buns are made ​​with manioc flour, widely used in Colombia and other countries in the region. The recipe is very simple and can be accompanied by various sauces to taste.

Ceviche de gallina : a traditional recipe from the region.

Shrimp ceviche , a traditional dish where we see the combination of culinary trends representing Colombian food.

Colombian recipes Want more?

Rice atollado


  • 250 gr of minced pork
  • 500 g of pork chops
  • 4/4 chicken (or 1 chicken chopped whole)
  • 4 cups white rice
  • 500 g of potato
  • 6 tomatoes
  • 2 onions
  • 2 red peppers
  • A pinch of chopped cilantro
  • 3 tablespoons of saffron (for color and aroma)
  • black pepper, cumin and salt to taste

arroz atollado


First let saute onion in oil and finely chopped peppers. When the onion starts to look transparent add the tomatoes lightly boiled, skinned and chopped. Season with the species.

Besides going to brown the meat and seal well. For this we put a little oil in a skillet and cook on all sides until browned. Do this with ground beef and chicken. Cover meat with water and bring to boil until tender (half hour).

Apart of the sauce that we prepare at the beginning and add the rice. Mix on medium heat for few minutes and then incorporate the meat with the broth is ready. Cook until the rice is ready and add water (hot) if necessary for cooking (not to be or soup or dry).

Finally add the potatoes cut in pieces and cook a little longer until potatoes are tender.

Serve hot with remaining sauce spoon over and decorated with chopped fresh cilantro.

S not miss this video with some other typical dishes of Colombia.

Colombian Recipes

Finally you share a video with a collection of the best Columbian food that already make you salivate.

The best of Colombian cuisine

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