Fondant nubes

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012 03:11

Many times in Saborgourmet you have talked about how to make toppings for cakes, cookies, and I have shared all kinds of baking secrets. The clouds fondant will teach you today is ideal for preparing cakes for children (all love the clouds!), Is easy to prepare (the ingredients are easily available and is also very simple) and is truly versatile as it can colored dye and create all sorts of combinations to suit the cake you are preparing.


How to use fondant clouds?

The cloud fondant is very easy to make and is ideal for covering cakes, cookies, decorate cakes. It is very versatile in the world of baking, and especially this type of fondant, is a favorite of children as being very sweet and taste like s's having both the marshmallows.

The recipe: cloud fondant

Ingredients: (enough for about 20 cm)

  • marshmallows (of which half are pink, half white). You can separate them, especially if you want to color the fondant (only usaréis White), except that if you want red / pink. 200 gr.
  • unsalted margarine. 1 tablespoon full.
  • icing sugar / confectioners. 400gr.
  • water, only a little.

fondant nubes


First we will prepare the puffs (once separate and if we are to use white part only). Add butter and a splash of water and bring to the microwave for 1 minute at best (you have to be careful not to burn! The best thing is to give 20/30 seconds and then blended to give you other 20/30 seconds).

You'll know the time has passed when the clouds swell and become either very soft almost like a very thick caramel. Mix well and begin to slowly add the powdered sugar. Stir constantly.

In a moment we will not add more sugar is normal! It is time then to put our fondant on the table and form a kind of mountain with the remaining sugar. You can then begin to knead with your hands (very clean!) For the rest of the sugar is incorporated. How do you know your fondant is ready? At one point going to be able to work it without you stick to your fingers ready!

Now that the issue will be ready fondant to stretch and give it the desired shape.

Shelf life:

You can freeze (slathered in butter and covered with plastic wrap, plus a freezer bag). You can also do the same to keep in the refrigerator (up to 3 months).

Have you been wanting to see more? Check out this video tutorial where you understand step by step how to make fondant clouds.

Fondant cloud

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