Marinated salmon

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Friday, 16 March 2012 06:39

Many times in Saborgourmet you have shared recipes with salmon. It is one of our favorite fish and one of the most versatile in the kitchen! Cooked or raw, marinated or smoked salmon can not only eat in many different ways but can also be combined in various ways. Today is the turn of marinated salmon, an option that enhances the flavor of the meat and leaves us happy over a plate of intense aroma and powerful flavor.

salmon marinado

Why do salmon marinated? Taste and health

Salmon is a fish of more intense flavor and delicate to be found all around the world. But not only for his great role in the preparation of meals, snacks and all kinds of recipes is that the fish we want. Salmon is also one of the foods rich in Omega-3, one of those nutrients that have become popular for its antioxidant properties discovered and confirmed. The Omega-3 helps our body against diseases such as arthritis, and helps prevent cardiovascular problems.

The recipe


  • 1.5 kg of fresh salmon (better if it is cut into fillets)
  • 750 g of salt
  • 750 gr of sugar
  • dill or other favorite herb



If you already have cut steaks, it is best to make sure to remove the fatty parts and remove all bones (to avoid surprises and to facilitate the cutting of thin slices). Make sure the skin is firm, be careful! We will not remove it. Sprinkle with dill to give and aroma.

While we will be preparing the marinade with salt and sugar in equal parts. If you want to improvise a different marinade can add pepper, curry, other spices or herbs to taste, sea salt, etc.. Each ingredients that you choose will bring a different touch (so this recipe will serve to test and test).

To marinate the salmon are going to put half the mixture into a large bowl and let us extend the fillets on the side of your skin. then we will cover with the remaining marinade. Cover with plastic wrap and put some weight on top.

Then we took him to the refrigerator. The estimated time is generally 36 to 48 hours, at longer cured fish (and conversely, when less time juicier.

At half time we have to remove the refrigerator, remove the fish and the syrup that has formed around and re-bury the fish in the marinade. Some recommend to turn the fish at this point. Depends somewhat on what you want to do next with it, how long you want to keep, and so on. When drier, easier to store.

Bring back to the refrigerator until you pass the time indicated.

Marinated salmon

Now what?

Marinated salmon may be kept for up to two weeks in an airtight container. You can serve it with toast, fresh herbs accompanied with a marinade of olive oil as a main dish or accompaniment. Options are thousands!

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