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How to grow orchids in horse manure

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Culture & Science - Ecology and Environment
Thursday, 09 May 2013 11:00

How to grow orchids in horse manure

As odd as it sounds, planting orchids in manure produced beautiful specimens. We offer components of manure nutrients ideal to ensure flowering and plant growth for longer periods and flowers remain healthier and stronger.

Another advantage of this type of farming is that orchids not need fertilizer application. The fresher the manure better for the plant. Learn, then, how to grow orchids in horse manure:

Need horse manure, shovels, wheelbarrows, planter, orchid bulbs, cascara tree or moss, small stones or gravel, water.

Board some fresh horse manure collected from the stables where animals are kept. Collect the material with a shovel and a wheelbarrow.

In the pot, add the bottom gravel or small stones and some pieces of dung until they complete ¼ of the container. Needless to prepare or "treating" the manure before put it in the pot, just add the pieces of the way as they were found.

Hold the multitude of the orchid over the pot, leaving the roots hanging. Keep adding manure around while going around the bulb planting. The result should be the roots wrapped in manure exposed bulb top.

Adding a layer with about 2 centimeters or shell made ​​of tree moss, that prevents the weeds grow, besides maintaining the temperature in summer.

Water the bulb gently, making sure that the water is completely absorbed, and the orchid does not tolerate waterlogging. Watering should be done every day in a very soft, manure should always be moist.

Leave your pot near windows or in places that receive sun exposure. Careful not to compact the manure within the container, reducing the space for air circulation.


Environmental reasons to choose cycling

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Culture & Science - Ecology and Environment
Wednesday, 08 May 2013 16:40

Need reasons to choose the bicycle as a means of transport? So stay tuned and do not miss any because the more we use renewable transport ... More likely we are to change things!

In the video that we present below, you will see one of the measures that have been taken to promote the use of bicycles as a means of transport and renewable multiple benefits for the person on the occasion of World Day Bike.

It is often assumed that the bicycle can be a means of transport slower than otherwise, but the reality is that due to distance one has to make is faster to bike than in the car and we would be reducing the time took to the jams.


It seems unreal, right? but there are several studies showing that cycling is not only a means of affordable transportation, healthy and clean, but also can make the car in certain contexts.

Also I found friends who said they could not biking to work because they had to take various means of transportation, well, it is now possible to perform this type of journeys that combine sustainability means of transport because they begin to be marketed Bicycles can encartarse multiple.

These bikes give you the same benefits as the classic bike but occupy less, the subway is considered to be a suitcase so you can upload it and by it, you can take it to the office because hardly takes up space.


Going by bike would be creating a more sustainable world with less pollution, cities that could travel without fear deep breath because you smoke directly swallow a car, sure you know what I mean.

Need another reason? Finally I leave you this: "For every 3 miles on bike, it saves one kilo of CO ²". The change begins with you.


Gardening and decoration: potted umbrella coat rack to harness the rainwater

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Culture & Science - Ecology and Environment
Wednesday, 08 May 2013 15:00

Garden Decor, potted umbrella coat rack to harness the rainwater

There is nothing more annoying than leaving home to run errands or go to work and be surprised by a rainstorm. After escaping armed lightning drops and your trusty umbrella, l bequeath home and start another ordeal, not to wet the furniture, floor and other objects.

Few are the accessories we have in the house that can perfectly accommodate our umbrella or just not let the water drip wet our house. Until now. Coatrack Recover designers understood that umbrella water can be annoying, but at the same time very beneficial for those who love plants and gardening. Why not take advantage of rainwater to water your plants?

The idea is simple, a commoner can be introduced into your pot located at the entrance of your apartment. Thus, the wet of your family members that come running through the door, leave your wet umbrella hung just above the pot, while your plant receives generous raindrops essential for its development.

The rack has a trident-shaped base that perfectly catches the ground, while at the other end, there are clothespins, which serve both to hang umbrellas, coats and other clothes as wet from rain.

The rack was created imitating a tree trunk with a discrete branches, very nice and elegant.

So all you have to do is move (if you do not already have one) your pot to the front door and your new coat rack brand new, friend of nature and eco-friendly.


Step by step to prepare floral water with roses in your garden

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Culture & Science - Ecology and Environment
Wednesday, 08 May 2013 09:00

Step by step to prepare floral water with roses in your garden

There's nothing cozier than entering an apartment tidy and perfumed. If you love keeping your home always perfect, why not add a touch even more special? Create your own floral water to exhale a unique fragrance, exclusively offered by the flowers of your garden. Geranium, jasmine and lavender are perfect.

To make a spray with water flavoring to your house, basically need 400 ml of mineral water, 13 ice cubes, two buttons petals of roses (red, white or pink), lavender essential oil, a casserole with the cover type of fondue to a ceramic bowl with a capacity of about 100 ml, knife, cutting board, spray and funnel.

Petals begins withdrawing your roses, make this process in a table, as this facilitates the release of perfume from the flower. Clear water in the pan and place the ceramic bowl in the middle of the pan. If the float bowl, remove some of the water, the bowl must be completely dry and supported at the bottom of the pan.

Arrange the chopped rose petals in the water around the ceramic bowl. Light the fire of burner fondue pot. You can also do it on your stove, no problem, since I let the fire well under.

Bring to the boil, add a few drops of lavender essential oil. Essential oils of geranium and "Litsea cubeba" are also great.

Cover the pan with the lid down on the lid, ice cubes available. This thermal shock will cause the steam rising from the flowers becomes watery and fall within the ceramic vessel.

After 15 minutes, the petals are almost no color and a bowl filled with water ceramic floral.

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