Can I prune trees in December?

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Culture & Science - Ecology and Environment
Monday, 29 November 2010 08:18

poda diciembre

Can I prune trees in December? More than once we do (or do we approach this question, then, is "almost" late fall has surprised us without completing some actions pruning essential that we should have carried forward.

The answer does not extend to all trees , namely: it is not possible to generalize, so that exemplify and concentrate on those where they do not too late to prune . Before appointing more specificity would point the only generalization that could: The general recommendation is to perform the pruning once the harvest.

From there, let go the first answer: if we talk about a tree whose crop cycle these days is complete, then we can proceed. For example, in the case of a European nisperero (which we see in the picture below) have to be more vigilant as this newly blooming in late autumn / early winter and must wait until the last fruits.

nisperero europeo

Always remember that the goal of pruning fruit trees is bivalent: first cleaning and removal of the last fruits and the other controlling the shape of the cup and the future growth of the tree. As a result of the actions that we must mainly focus is to remove all the foliage and dead branches, especially those etorpezcan etrade ventilation and sunlight.

What we seek is to reduce the incidence of occurrence of pests that benefit from the moisture, darkness and lack of aire.o that intersect to promote aeration of the tree and reduce the risk of pests. The health of our trees is vital and any security measures we take in this regard is more than timely, always.