Orchids of Venezuela, Venezuela's national flower

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Friday, 03 September 2010 08:46

Orquidea Venezolana, flor nacional de Venezuela

Orchids of Venezuela, Venezuela's national flower. It is a species of orchid, epiphytic herb, its scientific name is Cattleya labiata and is native to South America. The Venezuelan orchid was declared national flower the May 23, 1951 after a thorough investigation.

This plant belongs to cattleyas unifoliate its pseudobulbs 15 to 20 cm high oblongoelíptica presents a single sheet. Its flower is between 20-25 centimeters in diameter, sepals and petals pink or purple wavy.

The sepals are lanceolate and the petals are wider, wavy and ovoid. They have a wonderful fragrance as well as beautiful and colorful flowers , the lower petal called labellum. The flowers can also be isolated or inflorescence composed of 3-5 and are pollinated by insects.

The ramifications of these orchids tend to grow downward in the autumn assumes a red color, its size is small. Its main characteristic is to be hermaphrodite with a column called gynostemium supporting reproductive structures.