White butterfly, Cuba's national flower

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Culture & Science - Ecology and Environment
Saturday, 10 July 2010 08:59

Mariposa blanca, flor nacional de Cuba

White butterfly, national flower of Cuba. This plant belongs to the family Zingiberaceae, its scientific name is Hedychium coronarium which means fragrant snow. It is native to Asia but has adapted to the soils of Cuba and is their national flower.

This plant is known as "white butterfly" because of their whiteness and because it represents purity, strength, peace and unity. It has two stems, a thick underground and the other is air, straight and thin. Its leaves are large, measuring two feet in height.

Lanceolate leaves sheathed protect their beautiful flowers and delicate white, yellow or salmon and a delicious perfume, has three soft petals that displays a large corolla, has the stamens and pistils longer than seems butterfly wings.

It blooms all summer until October, requires daily sunlight and likes moist climates and soils. They are highly prized in gardens and as cut flowers, is used as a treatment for hair and skin.


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