Plectranthus, planta mentolada o planta Vick

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Culture & Science - Ecology and Environment
Monday, 03 May 2010 08:58


Plectranthus plant menthol or plant Vick . For any of these names are known in this genus of plants of strong and pleasant aroma of mint, at the suggestion of Henry, one of our readers, we're going to know a little more.

They have become world famous thanks to a medicated ointment that have used for generations as a relief from respiratory problems because its clear effect is noticeable. The name of this Vicks VapoRub ointment is safe and sound familiar.

In fact, Plectranthus is the name of a genre that has many varieties, including more widespread Plectranto called menthol (which we see in picture) whose scientific name is Plectranthus Nicolin, but also the variety cylindraceus is very widespread.

Good news is twofold: the first one came out very easily, just with an elbow or slice that cuts a mother plant, putting on good ground take root quickly. The second is that plants are not picky about soil and grow well both inside (with some natural light) and outdoor (but not expose it to direct frost).

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