Images of butterflies in the garden

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Monday, 26 April 2010 08:10

mariposa julia  heliconian imagenes mariposas

More images of butterflies in the garden . You call us and we enjoyed the search and share.

We always try to provide useful information, especially for not just generalize "butterflies" without knowing its scientific name, its origin and other characteristics. Let's start with the cover image, this is the familiar orange butterfly whose scientific name is Julia Heliconia or simply known as Mariposa Julia.

The picture below is a beautiful butterfly that is no slouch either in color or style. This is a magnificent example of Emerald swallowtail.

emerald swallowtail

The last image for today is certainly as impressive as its predecessors. Just watch the nuances and dramatic colors of the Peacock butterfly, a beauty difficult to describe in words.

peacock butterfly

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