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Friday, 30 April 2010 18:47

Annapurna is called a series of peaks of the Himalayas where the climbing is a frequent activity. However, the wind and climate change tends to play against. In this case, nature did that Tolo Calafat, the Mallorcan mountains, lost his life on the slopes of Annapurna for yesterday.

The nature and environment are not always to our advantage and sometimes occurs accidents similar to this happened to Tolo Calafat April 29. In this specific case, Carlos Pauner, Tolo Calafat and Juanito Oiarzabal had undertaken an expedition to Annapurna, but unfortunately, the Spanish Calafat failed desdencer the top of the mountain peak.

ToloCalafat Tolo Calafat Image: Google

According to statements made in yesterday by Juanito Oiarzabal, has done everything possible to find the missing climbers. Nepal's army sent a helicopter but he could not access the area due to weather and wind. In turn, a sherpa is water , food and corticosteroids to Mallorcan mountain but it was dark and could not reach their destination. The rescue had to be suspended or unable to find the helicopter, or the sherpas or the Spanish Calafat Tolo.

Calafat would have been forced to leave the group that integrated with Pauner and Oiarzabal, to go along with a Sherpa in trying to be rescued when he was already more than 7,500 meters of altitude.

The Sherpas are guides for expeditions and trekking in Nepal to help mountaineers climbing in the Himalayas, in this case the dangerous Annapurna. It seems to be fascinated by the mountain is not enough and we must be careful if we are to climb Annapurna.

The Annapurna is one of the most dangerous mountains of the Earth to the hours of down and there are more than 40% chance of death. The nature and climate are not always in favor.


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