How to Make a Christmas tree with plastic bottles

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Culture & Science - Ecology and Environment
Monday, 07 December 2009 09:00


The choice of Christmas tree, its armed and decor are very nice to share moments with family, especially with children. For this Christmas, I brought a green alternative for the production of pine: a tree made of plastic bottles, very simple and ecological.

Then you step by step to make the Christmas tree: you need only plastic bottles previously washed and dried, scissors, candle, and a database pipe for the tree, for which you can use a pot or container you choose, You can also decorate with Christmas themes.

For a tree of 1.20 m are needed about 35 bottles, so we calculated the necessary number of cylinders according to the desired tree size. You take a bottle, and you shall make the scissors cut the bottom, following the marquita with these bottles, it is so well neat.




Now cut strips of about 1.5 cm wide, almost to the neck of the bottle, and round the ends of each strip.



With care, it is time to use the sail, which will achieve a special effect on each strip. Pass the straps by the candle, holding them well and leaving a space of about 2 cm between each pass.



Once you've completed this process with all the bottles, it's time to assemble the tree. This uses the base you've chosen, and placed the bottles on the pipe, fitting them together one by one. One suggestion is to use at the top of the tree to shape bottles under the pine, or go cutting the strips.


Time to decorate the pine tree ... Call the children, and together we can bring life to a beautiful tree, with all the trimmings of their choice, and where to place the Christmas goodies.

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