African violet, how to take care

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Saturday, 04 August 2012 09:15

Violeta africana, como cuidarla
African violet, and caring. African violet is a houseplant, very common in most homes thanks to u and m is decorative and cheerful in any corner of a house.

In addition, this plant is very easy to grow, but may present some problems in their appearance that are not always easy to fix, if not detected immediately.

Violeta africana

If African Violet smudged yellowing leaves, chances are you have given too much sun. We must seek to have it in a place not exposed to high light, especially in summer.

In the case of the stains brown, it is likely that we washed down with water too cold. It's much better to use warm water in this case.

If the African violet does not bloom, chances are it's because you do not receive enough light, especially in winter. Other reasons may be air currents or that the pot has changed several times, which hinders their growth.

cuidar violeta africana

Do the leaves of violets have become pale green, and have curved edges? Here we must bear in mind that this plant can not be in environments below 15 ° C, because it happens very cold, and when it happens this.

Finally, keep in mind that the principal insect pests of the African violet are mites, whiteflies and mealybugs.