Gardening work in winter: Transplant Mahonia, evergreen

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Culture & Science - Ecology and Environment
Tuesday, 03 January 2012 09:15

Gardening work in winter: Transplant Mahonia, evergreen. The Oregon grape is an evergreen tree of the family of the Berberidaceae is planted in the spring by cutting woody. There are species of deciduous and evergreen. Today we will discuss the evergreen Mahonia.

The first transplant was performed at months to root. The ultimate transplant is performed during the winter. The cultivation of Oregon grape is very easy. Here is how Oregon grape planting and growing, and how to transplant it to its final place in winter.

The multiplication of the Oregon grape is produced by woody cuttings, planted in spring. To take root cuttings, must be placed on a substrate having third perlite and two thirds of sandy soil. It is important to maintain high humidity. To this must be covered with a plastic bag.

Once rooting occurred, wait a month to transplant the plant into a pot, where it is grown during the summer. The following winter the Mahonia can be transplanted to their final place in the garden, where bloom in spring.

To perform the transplant to their final place to look for a place in the sun and use a substrate based on good garden soil. In acidic soil develops much faster.

Photo: Stan Shebs