Space Mission Juice | nominated to orbit about Jupiter's icy moons

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Thursday, 19 April 2012 16:30

The mission Juice of the European Space Agency (ESA), a strong candidate to get million to orbit on the icy moons of Júpite r. In tell you more about the news.

Mision espacial Juice | nominada para orbitar sobre las lunas heladas de Júpiter

Mission Juice

The mission is named after the spacecraft, formerly called Laplace or AGM (Jupiter Ganymede Orbiter), now called JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer), and his project is the exploration of three of the moons of Jupiter , Callisto, Ganymede and Europe. The mission has been preselected to be eligible for the next mission of the European space. The selection is made of the European Committee which meets to consider projects in May.

The mission would be launched in 2022 and his studies would help to know whether the Moons of Jupiter might have life. The probe weighs five tons and carries instruments to perform careful research on the three moons of Jupiter.

The spacecraft would use gravity of Jupiter for a series of approaches to Europa and Callisto, then put in orbit around Ganymede. The aim is to try to find if they give the optimal conditions for the existence of microbial life.


The selection of projects

The JUICE Project, compete with other proposals such as the Athena project, the X-ray telescope ever built and largest project of NGOs, a trio of high-precision satellite that would orbit to detect gravitational waves.

The ESA Space Science Advisory Committee, met earlier this month of April brought in early April to consider the different proposals. The decision on the selected project was transferred to the Executive Committee submitted a formal proposal to the Member States. The mission had been nominated JUICE to be the European representative.

The 19 delegations of member states have the final say in a meeting of the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) to be held on May 2 in Paris. The vote requires a simple majority of votes.

JUICE sonda

Most likely, the SPC approved the nomination, although no decision has yet been made.

The project cost the ESA, some 830 million euros. The total cost of the mission JUICE is estimated would exceed one billion euros.

The satellite would be launched in June 2022 in the Ariane booster rocket from French Guiana, it would take almost eight years to reach Jupiter, would be in 2030.

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