Transgenic Food

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Friday, 13 April 2012 18:46

The GM foods are a type of foods that are closely related, and a very direct way, with science and technology, although derived from handling genetic .

Although sometimes nature can offer "mutations" in foods that have been developed without the effect of man, we must say that this has nothing to do with the so-called GM foods and in fact have been "created" from the combination gene or the manipulation of DNA of a food to convert it into one that is much more resistant.

As you create or get GM foods:

  • GM foods are created from the genetic manipulation. Each food has its genetic characteristics actually marked.
  • Also within each living being, in this case we talk about food, there is a nucleus in which chromosomes differ and are formed from chains of DNA that include what we identify as genes.
  • Thus, foods that end up as GM, are those from the DNA containing genes that do not really belong in nature and that have been introduced to end up as part of its genome.
  • For example, tomatoes can be modified to make them a GM food. To this should be extracted from one of twelve chromosomes containing.
  • On the other hand we will have another body to which you extaeremos the gene of interest to implant in the tomato.
  • Genetic engineering is what will allow you clone, be modified and the gene fragment has been to introduce the DNA of tomato without causing harm to its core.
  • We can get it to implant a gene that causes the tomato skin arruge or not to stay longer than usual.

Benefits of GM:

  • Although many critics believe this is the type of food, we must emphasize that treaties transgenically better resist pests so it is just reducing the use of insecticides in crop fields.
  • Besides these foods better resist cold and dryness in the case of crop plants that are agricultural or food such as corn.
  • Genetic modification of food plants may be more short and strong and concentrate their energy in their edible parts.
  • As our food is said that this type of modified foods may be able to increase their protein and vitamins and decrease fat.
  • Food in good condition can last much longer and also improve the taste, odor and appearance.

Disadvantages of GM:

  • Regarding the disadvantages of these genetic manipulations, it is obvious that it can be beneficial to modify the natural DNA of food.
  • Instead it may be that the implanted gene will not develop the character as expected or there is a rejection.
  • Environmentalists and consumer groups claim that these genetic mutations or implants, may eventually develop diseases in animals and organisms, and more virulent disease, a more reduced biodiversity, increased pollution of water, food and land, and alteracióndel equilibrium nature.

I leave you video of GM foods:

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