An army of robots will explore new worlds

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Wednesday, 28 October 2009 23:14

If we're amazed to have two rovers driving around Mars (well, you're stuck), the future will bring us many surprises, according to experts. And is that what seems extraordinary now has nothing to do with what will come in the future.


The expert Wolfgang Fink does not hesitate to declare that human beings will step in that robots will become obsolete only when we are able to command multiple robots, much cheaper to control, to explore different places at once. Who knows if in the near future these robots will be able to browse liquid lakes of Titan, a moon of Saturn.

Wolfgang Fink and his team are developing a standalone software and have created a robot that can mimic a field geologist or an astronaut, able to work independently and as part of a team. This software will allow robots to think for themselves, identify problems and dangers and prioritarizar objectives to take a look.

It's just a dream, but thanks to advances in technology is becoming increasingly real. Current projects in mind on Titan are to send an orbiter and from there send a lander rovers or (as the lander Phoenix on Mars). In this case, the orbiter, the rovers send information on the surface also through a balloon that the rovers move long distances on the satellite of Saturn. A good example of this we can see in our neighbor Mars, in which the MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) sends information to the rovers.

"Basically, we are working on robots that monitor other robots. One day, these robots are fully autonomous and will be commanded at once. Be our eyes, our hands and our legs in space, air, and soil. Hopefully it never happens Skynet.

Source | ScienceDaily