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Tuesday, 24 May 2011 18:31




Richard Stallman does not have a cell phone

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Technology - Free Software and Linux
Wednesday, 16 March 2011 00:44

This news encouraged me to retrieve a bookmark I had saved for another article: In this video the beloved Richard Stallman is interviewed by an improvised Polish journalist who managed to get some feedback soon be diverted to reveal the vision that our hero has of these devices mavis consumption so that cell phones:

"The original reason why I refuse to have one (cellular phone) is that they are tracking devices. If you carry a cell phone, the phone system knows where you are and register. Not just that they can find you, but (also) can make a database where everyone at all times and say who is close to whom and who knows whom.

This is very dangerous. Suppose that one day a dictator takes power, which can happen anywhere, and they have records of years who speak and those who go where. Of course, if a dictator comes to power can begin to track everyone, and people may start taking precautions because they know how. But if they have been tracked for years and it's been recorded and saved, the dictator only have to use that information. It is a tremendous advantage for potential opponents. "

Either way, I do use cell phones, just not one that I have mine. I use other people's phones, I beg Prestre. This does not help the Big Brother. "

And in the article mentioned above, Replicant Stallman mentions as an alternative free software for modern smartphones:

"A version of Android Replicant call that can run on the HTC Dream without proprietary software, except in the U.S. In the U.S., at least until a few weeks ago, there was still a problem in some library-dial, but it worked in Europe. At this time maybe it will work. Do not know. "

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Nokia eventually sold the business Qt

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Technology - Free Software and Linux
Friday, 11 March 2011 13:44

And those developers that put in doubt the future of Qt finally had reason: Nokia sold the business services and the licensing framework (Trolltech had purchased in 2008) to a Finnish company called Digia Plc. Along with all the commercial business of Qt also go to Finland 19 of its developers. The deal will end later this month for an unspecified amount.

On the other hand, Qt is used to build successful projects such as Google Earth and Skype client. In addition, other Qt 3500 customers from various industries with software for desktop and embedded devices will also be transferred to Digia. Digia itself is a business solutions company has been using Qt for a few years.

In addition to more promises, Nokia said in his blog:

"The technical support team Nokia Qt Digia will work closely with the next year. Now we will work with Digi to ensure a smooth transition of all licenses and business relationships."

In the end, perhaps we should all thank formerly Trolltech Qt under the GPLv3 will license with the option of the LGPL.

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Chromium change the de ¿Siguiri Google Chrome logo?

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Technology - Free Software and Linux
Wednesday, 09 March 2011 13:54


As we all know, Chromium is the project 100% open source created from Google's Chrome browser. Now, members of the active project delivered a new logo, ending with the "look" had inherited three-dimensional Chrome.

As I write this and it is reported that at least the last 11.0.697.0 Chromium build for Mac OS X is being distributed with the new logo. Even the Wikipedia page of Chromium is also updated, so no doubt will soon be updated to accomplish its latest packages for GNU / Linux and Windows.

And if the new logo is welcomed by the community "will mimic Google's new design?

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