Facebook already has servers in Spain

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Thursday, 04 April 2013 23:24

For a few days, Facebook users are attending some ISP servers in Spanish from Madrid. ONO is the case, since we have done this capture:

Facebook is Espanix member since February, but still does not seem to be connected to the neutral point. From time traffic routed through transit Telia operator.


Orange Kangaroo: ADSL and mobile from 35 € fee including line

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Technology - Internet
Wednesday, 03 April 2013 13:19

Orange adds a new animal to its catalog of animal rates with an offer that meets mobile ADSL with a set price.

It is available in two versions, both with high speed ADSL and flat rate calls to landlines, plus free traffic between lines of the same contract.

The first, called Kangaroo 35, includes 150 minutes to mobiles from fixed and 150 more from the phone line, and 300 MB of data for 35 €, including fixed line fee (excluding VAT).

The second, 45 Babysitting, wide mobile calls from fixed line 1000 minutes and 1GB mobile has SMS and calls and "unlimited".

You can add additional phones lines with 150 MB for 9 minutos/300 € / line or unlimited calls and 1 GB for 19 € / month.

Whale 12

Also new is the sliding fee Orange Whale 12 including 1 GB, 1000 SMS and calls to 1 cent. for 12 € month. / UPimages / files / ... 27bb7e54.pdf


Today the share rises line Telefónica

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Technology - Internet
Monday, 01 April 2013 09:32

Telefónica rises from today the share price remained frozen line since 2008, to € 14.38 per month, after applying the current price of € 13.97 a rise of 2.9%, equivalent to IPC 2012. The Commission of Telecommunications Market allowed last summer to increase when considered "disproportionate" in its resolution . The European average of € 15.26 per month.

Updated: Telefónica has postponed the rise and makes the decision to update the IPC under the analysis of the evolution of economic data in the industry and the company itself.

This increase will only apply to customers that do not have flat rates. Thus, users of packages such as 'Movistar Fusion', 'hot spots' or 'Flat Rate Home', ie 85% of the customer base of Telefónica, will not be affected by this increase in the subscription fee.


Only 4.8% of all broadband connections in excess of 50 Mbps

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Technology - Internet
Sunday, 31 March 2013 12:15

The latest quarterly report published by the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT) referred to the period between October and December 2012 records that the global fixed broadband connections only 4.8% above 50 Mbps connection. A 33.91% of Spanish are between 2 and 10 Mbps while the bulk of them, a 53.18%, reaching speeds between 10 and 30 Mbps

For operator, we have in the case of Telefónica, only 5.6% of its connections exceed 50 Mbps while the part of ONO, until 10.7% of its customers exceed this speed.

The Government intends that by 2020 all citizens have connections over 30 Mbps thus fulfilling the action plan to boost the telecom sector, the so-called Digital Agenda of the European Union.

The penetration rate of fixed net broadband lines per 100 inhabitants reached 24.6. Telefónica concentrated 49.06% of the overall lines of fixed broadband access in Spain with 5,581,369 ONO followed with a 13.99% and 1,591 Client 678.

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