How to unlock the Vodafone ADSL router

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Technology - Internet
Saturday, 25 June 2011 13:50

Vodafone does not provide the admin password of the ADSL router to new customers. This prevents access to some advanced settings and the possibility of using the router with other operators. However, a bug management interface HG556 can easily change the admin password and get full permissions.

Change the admin password is possible thanks to the administration interface does not check user credentials when accessing a URL which is to alter the key of any of the three users are pre-configured in the system.

To use it you just have to be logged with the standard user vodafone / vodafone and go directly to the URL specified in item " A Bug to change the admin pass in HG553 and HG556a "of Huawei HG556 forum .

The trick is useful to bypass the protection of Vodafone, but also poses a new risk, since any user on the LAN or connected to a WiFi network can take full control of the router.

The bug has been reported by a forero who preferred to publish anonymously in the forum. It is not the first time you get a key method to get the router's admin Vodafone.