The file hosting service Oron betray its users to avoid a lawsuit

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Technology - Internet
Saturday, 07 July 2012 13:09

If you're using to pay Oron and have uploaded content owned by Liberty Media (owner of Barnes & Noble, Viacom or Time Warner and other companies), your data, including payment, may be provided to his lawyers.

Corbin Fisher, adult content producer and subsidiary of Liberty, requested $ 34.8 million to cyberlocker Oron for allowing the discharge of contents of your property. To achieve a settlement to avoid the lawsuit, Oron Corbin Fisher has offered access to their systems so they can delete its contents. Also each download may be used to add a link to a store that allows purchase legally.

Oron's offer goes further, because they also offer their cooperation to identify users who have used the service to spread copyrighted material owned by Liberty Media. Oron offers to facilitate the IP address, bank details and email addresses and more.

Oron is trying to save the furniture with this agreement, as the judge handling the case has frozen all assets . ... suit-120706 /