Telefónica threatens to remove mobile coverage to Telstra customers

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Technology - Internet
Saturday, 30 June 2012 19:10

Telefónica has required Telstra notary to fit both signed the contract for Telstra antennas Movistar use until 2014. As reported in Five Days, the new rates of Telstra, as the Infinite, intensive use HSPA + coverage without Telstra has communicated prior to Movistar.

The terms of the contract signed between the two operators are not public, so it is unclear what the dispute. It has to do with Telstra's new rates saturate Movistar HSPA + network without Telstra advised of this situation prior to Telefónica, something that would be required by contract.

The case is serious enough that Telefonica has even threatened to break the agreement with Telstra that allows Telstra customers have coverage under the Movistar network where Telstra does not have antennas.

The issue has come to the CMT and is expected to take precautionary measures in the coming weeks / article / companies / TV ... cdscdiemp_4 /